On the last day at the cabin, Jon and I decided to take the kids up and show them “Our Spot” Murphy’s Lake.  It is right by the place Jon proposed to me in the winter on January 1st.  It was New Year’s Day and most definitely the start of our life together.  We had gone slept at the cabin the night before staying with Jon’s parents and had plans to go snowmobiling the next morning.  Jon didn’t sleep all night, I could hear him pacing the floor over and over again as I dozed in a out of sleep.  This should have been a sign that something big was coming, but I didn’t figure it out at the time.  

We loaded up and took off for a beautiful day surrounded by mounds of snow all around us.  We got off to “take a little break” so I pulled out a snickers bar and started chowing it down.  I was HUNGRY!  The next thing I know, I turn around and Jon is on one knee in the snow with a ring in his hand. My eyes grew huge and was shocked by the huge smiles on his parents faces as they took frame by frame photos of that pivotal time.  I will have to dig them up and post them someday. 

Well, the rest is history, but we thought it time to show the girls where Jon and I visit when we are at the cabin alone for our anniversary sometimes.  It is a beautiful, serene spot that is always quiet.  It was busier than I had ever seen it because the the fourth of July holiday, but this was still only about 3 cars.  

I cracked up as I glanced back and saw Pink Moss with one brunette “dude” in the back.  Scott proved his true manhood daily being in the midst of the craziness with a smile and helping hands.  

It really shocked me how scared my younger girls were of the cows that were hanging out by the road on the way up to the lake.  Jon kept leaning out to touch them just because he thought it was so funny they were stressing out.

We brought all the goods to roast hotdogs and s’mores.  It was so yummy and I loved watching everyone jump in to help build the fire.  

Bug spray was a major part of our trip with all the nasty mosquito’s flying around.  

Bug was a bit upset that she couldn’t have s’mores before dinner and did a great job at showing us with her expression.

We decided to go for a walk around the lake as the fire warmed up and the coals readied themselves for our intrusion.  The temperature was warm and relaxing and the reflection in the lake was so pretty.  

I love finding places like this where you can reflect and relax.  Once Jon and I came to this lake and saw a HUGE fresh grizzly bear paw print in the mud, and that’s when we decided to leave that year!

Whitney spied on Brighton as she started frolicking in the water.  She loves to take pictures and snatched my camera away for some fun!  She is doing a great job at developing her talent, so I was excited to post some of her pictures.

I love that she snuck up behind us and took a picture.  I also love the picture she took of the “Indian Paintbrush”.  It is one of few flowers I can name in the wilderness, although I would love to get better at identifying them.  

I thought Syd and Scott were so cute, I had to steal a few pictures through the trees.

When we returned to camp, Bug saw the empty box and loved getting in it. 

After we ate she started on somes’moresand couldnt’ understand where the stickiness came from.  I was cracking up watching her pick at it and give her fingers weird looks.  

After dinner the kids decided to try and skip rocks on the lake.  It was so fun watching them practice because it always reminds me of my dad.  I used to love watching him skip rocks that bounced 4,5,6,7, or more times.  

I was really impressed with Roochie’s throws and couldn’t help laughing when she slipped in because she was launching them so hard.  

 I was having so much fun taking pictures I tried to talk Noo Noo into posing for me.  She asked what I was talking about and I said, “Put your fingers through your hair or something…”  

And this is what I got.

The typical Noo Noo face when she thinks I’m weird for asking her to do something she doesn’t get.  I loved it and had to take a picture.  At the age of 12, this is a very common look in our home.  Actually I get this look a lot from all of them.  

Scott and Syd took the kids for a walk up to a rope swing they found in the trees.  They said it was pretty high and we didn’t have a swimsuit but that it looked really awesome!  Maybe Jon and I will have to sneak up there alone sometime and try it out!

Mac heard my request and was up for the model shots…

I LOVED this day and wouldn’t have traded it for the world.  I hope the kids visit “our spot” as time goes on and remember this great day.  When we drove home we noticed that the Alpine fireworks show was just starting.  We pulled in and parked and soon realized why all the fireworks we light off there are illegal.  People were sitting around in a grassy field shooting them off and some were hitting other peoples cars.  Before any major fights started up, we moved and found a better spot.  It was a perfect end to a perfect day!