Have you ever found a treasure?  

something that you just KNOW was meant for you to find?  I have. While we were at the cabin there was a blow out sale at a local antique store.  They had everything you could imagine, and by that I mean now WE have everything you could imagine!  

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure I guess!

We bought DVDs for a dollar, an old book, killer hunting jackets that Syd, Scott, and Kinley adopted (as seen in the firework pictures), old 80’s snowmobile one piece jumpsuit gems for all those that come to our cabin and aren’t packed for the excursion, display cases for Jon, a shoe bench to sit by the front door of my cabin, some beautiful brass candle sticks that I fell in love with, and thestylish shirtsI bribed all of my family to wear to the parade.  The shirts were originally around 30 dollars and I paid one.  If you think we made it out of there without a story to tell, you would be wrong.  

The sweet lady that owned the joint was so ecstatic to have someone in her store buying a bunch of stuff, but had to be a wee bit frustrated because we were ripping open taped boxes to search for things we wanted to find.  She was going to have a yard sell in a few weeks and was preparing.

In some ways this added to our excitement.  It was like Christmas without the waste of time opening the wrapping paper and bows.  The energy in the room seemed to escalate with each announcement of ”

I found a cool paper weight!” or “Did you SEE this 3 foot tall Bud Light Chandelier?!”  

I meandered through the rows and soaked it all in, paint fumes and that old person smell that only comes with an antique shop.  I can’t help but wonder what causes that smell.  Is it the perfumes old people use, or the moths that live on the clothes in the closet?  Is it just how the body itself smells when it feels worn out?  I guess the only way to figure it out is to get old myself, but I can’t help but think that I wouldn’t smell myself.  It is always easier to smell others bad breath or B.O. before your own.  It’s kind of a cruel trick to get us to tell someone else they have an issue.  

I wasn’t overly excited to find anything for myself until it hit me.

I LOVE antique jewelry!! 

Like, I collect it…the only thing I have EVER collected.  It makes me happy when I see the craftsmanship that went into stuff not made for Claire’s.  I love it because your find is one of a kind, and it’s as if it was meant for you to find.

It’s a gift that keeps on giving because you can wear it over and over and feel happy every time it matches a new outfit or breaths life to an old one, and it ALWAYS fits.  Yes, I love antique jewelry.  I can’t help but think of who wore it before me, and that kind of grosses me out….but not enough to give it up.  Someday someone will enjoy my jewelry and I am glad they will.

On second thought maybe I won’t let anyone find it and bury it with me out of pure selfishness.  Did you know my kids are already claiming my stash?  More that once I have heard, “When you die mom, I get this!!”.  They learned it from Grandma Ginny who encourages them to mark their territory every time they come to her house.  

“Girls, now when I die, what do you want?  Why don’t you just take it now, I will probably die soon anyway.”

You see, we are a little morbid when it comes to passing things down.  Well on this day in the antique store I decided to try and dig through unopened boxes to find my treasure.  Jon had already found numerous things he wanted and so he decided to jump in with me and start excavating.  I could see the owner of the store cringing with every box that was opened so I asked her if we should stop.

“No, no, go right ahead.  I need to sale all this stuff somehow and you are saving me time.”  And she was right, we bought more than any normal person would.  We had one truck and a car full by this point.  

I felt reassured with her answer, so we went back to work.  We came to a pile of boxes that looked promising and Jon started going at it double speed.  “What a man.  He would do anything for me” I thought as he tore into the next box.  I heard Jon say, “This one looks like it could be it” and ripped it open.

All of a sudden I heard the store owner woman scream from across the room.  


UM, excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuussssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee me!?  

“Jon, I think it is time we left.  Come ON Jon lets GO.”

And we did.