I am still swimming in pictures from my cabin and trying to catch up!  

At the cabin we always ride the four wheelers as much as possible.  I am good with a few rides, but my kids would drive in circles all day if we let them!  Scott Fehlberg came up with Sydney for a few days and we had a fun time getting to know him.  He was very sweet with all the girls and jumped in to help Jon with the work whenever it was needed.  This is top on Jon’s lists of “must have” for him!  If they can’t play AND work, leave them home!

See, I told you! 

 How stinkin’ cute are they...both!  

I loved having him around, it reminded me of all of my brothers as we sung in the car and teased the girls together.  I think it’s good for a house full of girls to get a little teasing now and then.  It evens out all the drama!

So my mom is crazy.  I have told you that right?!  

On this beautiful morning, it read 55 degrees on the temperature board as we drove down to the lake

AND THIS WAS AIR TEMP!  Who knows how cold it was in the water, or when you got out of the water and the wind was blowing on you!! NOTHIN’ is stopping this woman for getting in!

Or me for that matter!



I had to ski back and forth as fast as I could to keep my core body temperature up!

Mom says, “A job well done!”

Jackson says, “You are crazy!”

After much bribery and coercion we talked Paul into going and he HATES cold water!  I was so impressed that he made the best of the cold situation and jumped in!  He even leaned back and got his hair wet!  That is a major no no, but I guess he didn’t know!

HA HA!  I will never forget this face!

or this one….

and mostly this one!  His face stayed like this the rest of the time he wakeboarded!  I am so proud of my sister for finding the best brother in law ever!  Thanks for being a sport Paul 

(and just you wait until I show you what I talked him into wearing for the Alpine parade!)