What is it about thunderstorms that put me into such an intense reflective mood?

I lay here in bed, by myself (Jon is at Lake Powell with the boy scouts) and I watch the lightening and listen to the rain beating on my skylights above my bed.  Can I just say that the sky lights may be my favorite thing about my whole house?  

I LOVE to wake up in the morning and watch the clouds go by or marvel and the intense storms that flicker across my bedroom.  There are days that I purposely wake up early just so I can sneak a peak at the birds on my roof top chit chatting with each other, and the warm smoke that rises from my fireplace outside. 

 Then there are the days that I am ultra lazy and lay in bed so long that I need sunglasses.  Yes you got it, I put them on as I lay in bed. My blue ones are my favorite for this.

You know how we all have those secret dreams?  Well, one of my shhhh….secret dreams is to have a retractable roof above my bedroom so I can fly kites from the comfort of my bed and lay in the sun *nude* if I want.  I would light off fireworks and use an umbrella in the rain.  I would let balloons go and watch them fly away.  I would have some doves that knew how to fly back to me when they were done playing outside and I would listen to the wind blow above as I slept.  

If you think I am kidding, you are wrong.  Jon knows of my dreams and amuses me by trying to figure a way to make it happen.  They use them for swimming pools right?  Why not my bedroom.  In fact, I wouldn’t mind a room with one way glass in the trees so I could see out, but people couldn’t see in WITH a retractable roof.  NOW we are talkin’!

I can’t believe the storm that is happening as I type!  I have two daughters at girls camp right now up in the wilderness in A Frame cabins and believe me when it rains there it is 


I have been camp director there for the past 6 years and know of it first hand.  The camp sits in a bowl and it echos like you wouldn’t believe.  At least I know that they share the same love for thunder and lightening that I do!  Every time it rains, the rule in our home is that you run out into the rain and NOT inside.  I am sure the leaders are trying to talk them into staying dry right now. 

Lightning Strikes Sun Trees Images

 I believe that running in the rain keeps you young!