For today’s Flashback Friday I decided to spend time finishing the “Our Businesses” tab on the top of the blog.  Business is a definite flashback in our home compromising a large percentage of our married life!  I posted this too late to have anyone link up, I will focus more next week! Sorry!

People ask me several times a week what Jon spends his time doing, and I thought this would cut back on the questions…or create more, but this is something we deal with every day and I am open to questions you have about building businesses. 

 I am not the one at the office, but believe me – I am the one that brainstorms and strategies with Jon.  More importantly I play the supportive role and talk him through all of the struggles that comes with business and have learned coping skills to be the supporter 

(which can be just as aggravating, and hard!)

I figured it was time to share some of these!