Sometimes I wonder how badly I am bothering people when I take pictures of them.  Some know that I post them on my blog, so they run and others don’t mind.  Some people are really excited that I am in their face because they know when it is all said and done, they will have something fun to remind them of what they did.  I hope Camille feels this way, especially because her little Jackson is SO cute, taking pictures of him is addicting.

He snuggles her and kisses on her when she wants.  I think that is because he is a boy, or maybe not.  All I know is that I will never know.  I hear over and over again that it is good to have girls because they don’t grow up and leave, they stay closer to their family than the boys do.  “They take care of you” is all I have heard, but we shall see.  

I hope it is because I sure don’t have a mama’s boy!