The cabin was one full day after another but I especially loved the day we went boating with my mom and dad!  It always brings back lots of memories of boating on Palisades with them when I was growing up.

Aren’t these the cutest little cheeks evah!?!  

What’s that you say?  You want to see it closer?  

I did too 🙂

NOW, check out these thighs…Are ya lookin’?  These are my moms legs!  

This means they are my kids GRANDMA’S legs!  

Pretty amazing.  It gives me hope for the future….although my ankles will never be that skinny!  I often tease her that they look like they will break if she steps on them wrong.  I even measured them before out of curiosity and they were so tiny I swear they were the same measurement as my wrist.  I think instead of cankles, she needs the nick name wristles.

Sometimes I feel like I am not on my own trip for lack of pictures with me in them, so here I am inserting myself, or asserting myself – however you want to look at it 😉

Remember those wristles I was telling you about?  They may have been developed over the lifetime of marathon skiing.  This chick *Na Na* skied ELEVEN miles straight last year!  I don’t know if you really get how long that is to slalom or not, but believe me it is LONG.  

I grew up watching my mom and dad slalom ski. I even remember my Grandma Mabey slalom ski when I was young.  I guess it’s in the blood.  During the winter Na Na also snowboards almost every Saturday.  If this is the definition of Grandma, I can’t wait!

and then there is me.  I don’t ski 11 miles. I don’t ski 10 miles, or 8,7,6,5,4,3,2, or 1.  I just ski.  I really have no idea how far I go but it isn’t 11.  I just enjoy the feeling of leaning back and feeling my ski cut through the water, especially when the water is smooth.  There is nothing like it.  It feels like how I would imagine it would feel if I were a bird swooshing back and forth in the sky.  Granted, it has taken me a lot of years to feel this comfortable on one ski, but if you have ever considered trying – it is worth the practice and patience!

 Because the water didn’t stay decent for very long, we kicked Sprite and Mac out on the tube.  My dad doesn’t go fast, but he does know how to make big waves.  I kids are used to flying around on the outside of the wake, but going through the monster waves actually scared them.  I thought Sprite was laughing *like I was*, but she was actually crying… whoops!  We pulled her in and gave her hugs. She went back out but asked to go straight.  I am proud of her for not giving up and hanging in there.

Camille, my one and only sister was there to watch.  She ispregoand didn’t get out of the boat but still so much fun to have there. Her son Jackson is so sweet and we really enjoyed having them at the cabin for a few day.  Unfortunately that night Jackson had a little heat stroke and was sick.  He was drinking liquids but it is so hard in the hot sun and high elevation to keep up on it.  He felt better by the next day, but it was sad to watch.

I love you Camille and can’t wait to hold your new baby!


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