When I went to download my pictures today on my computer, I was a bit nervous when I glanced down and saw *846 remaining* 

This means I had already downloaded who knows how many pictures and had many more to go.  I always take way to many and delete a ton, only to pick a few from those but this was a tad ridiculous.  At first I thought I would post a bit each day and then I realized that I would never catch up AND keep up with current events.  

I started reflecting on all the huge things I never even had the chance to blog about yet including the Valentines Ball we threw for Haiti on Valentines Day.  How did I miss that?!?  So I realized I needed to bite the bullet and start posting.

This year we started fireworks a little early and even did them in the day time the first time.  It was extremely hot and for some reason we couldn’t see them very well. Grandpa Bob realized we didn’t have any lighters after we got there so he left to get one and we busied ourselves with smoke bombs and pull party fire works.  When he returned we decided that an ice cream cone sounded much better than sweating in the weeds.

When we got back to the cabin I looked across the trees towards that reservoir and thought the lighting was so beautiful that I had to sit a few of the kids in the grassymosquito infested backdrop and take a few pictures.

Who are these darling kiddos you ask?  They are my nephew and niece Jarron and brand new Samantha.  My sister in law Heather was lucky enough to have a red head, blond, and a brunette.  I call them my calico kids.  We were all a bit relieved to see at least one brunette because both Heather and her hubby are brunette.  It was been a funny twist in genetics, and a fabulous one at that!

I couldn’t help but snap a pic of mommy loving on her baby Samantha.  What a precious site.  I LOVE the three month mark with babies.  They are old enough to start to see their little personalities come out and see thier facial features, but small enough to still cuddle and love on.

Heather is a great mother and a wonderful friend.  I was talking with her this trip and realized that I have watched her grow up from the age of 13!  That makes me feel old.  I feel like I know her, really know her.  It is hard to find friends like that in life and how blessed I am to have her in my family also!