I am sitting here staring at my uncharged laptop and blogging on my phone. My charger is buried somewhere in my very full post-road trip suburban that is parked at the bottom of my street. Someone is doing something to our road, so there it sits and here I sit too tired to walk down the street to get it. The total amount of sleep I have gotten the past week is almost comical. My simple cold is progressing into something that will be harder to get rid of if I don’t just stop and sleep, so that is my goal today…to sleep. That is easier said than done with little ones running around.

I woke up at 5:30 am yesterday after coughing all night. It took all day to clean the cabins, pack up and drive home. Can I just say that the drive home was more fun than I have had in a car for a long time. This may sound wierd to you because it even sounds wierd to me… but here it goes.


I had a flash forward in my minds eye this trip. Rooz brought up a special “friend” on our trip for a few days. It or he should I say, brought a smile to my face over and over again. Can I say that I may have seemed a bit creepy to him, but let me explain. I always thought I would be a boy mom. I had brothers and always hung out with my guy friends growing up.

I like guys.

I like how they don’t get their feelings hurt too easily. I like how they hit each other when they are mad and then move on. I like how they can laugh at themselves and tease you. I like that they are active and get outside, I like how they can get dirty outside and don’t worry about their hair and makeup.

I could go on and obviously these are generalizations but overall this has been my experience. Well this weekend I realized (or saw) for the first time what the future dynamic in our family would be. Yes, I have girls.. A LOT if girls but someday I will have boys too, A LOT if boys. I don’t know who these boys will be, but they will be a fun addition to out family.

Rooz’s “friend” helped with everything, opened doors for the girls, gave compliments, and treated them all like queens. Especially Rooz. As a mother this means the world to me. I love the sparkle in her eyes when he sings to her to make her laugh or teases her for being air headed. Most of all, I loved driving home *in the passenger seat if my car while he drove* and singing with him! I love Little Jon, but he does NOT sing. I miss singing with my brothers on road trips and have tried to introduce my kids to music but I don’t remember ever having Micheal Jackson, ACDC, and Jack Johnson sung with me in a male voice. It was cracking me up because he hit ALL the notes spot on… I’m even talking about the “wooo’s” that Michael lays down!

Yes someday, in the not too distant future, I will be a boy mom, just in a different way and guess what? Someday I will also have grandsons. Why did I ever worry? This way I got out of raising a Little Jon (heaven help me) and still get six boys.

Can I just TRY and tell you how funny it was to watch all the girls fight over him?!? It was like “Little Women” right in front of my face. Even Bug cried to sleep by him at night and ran to him all day. Pink Moss was hanging all over him! He took it with ease (and may I say huge smiles). What boy wouldn’t want that much attention? At least I now know they all have good taste in boys 😉 You will have to wait until I get off my lazy butt to get my charger so you can see him too.

Until then, kiss me goodnight!


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