I am laying here in a very quiet cabin with bodies sprawled all around me. whenever Jon isn’t with me, the Pink Moss girls know this us their ONLY shot at sleeping with me..or should I say, ON me. Feet in my face, hair up my nose, no-not much sleeping happens for me anyway! In fact, here is a conversation that happened several times last night…

“Rooch, take your foot out of my face!”

“hehe, (she giggles) ok mom.”

{she slides it down as I help it with a shove. Not five minutes later….}

“ROOCH! MOVE your leg out of my mouth!”

“hehe, (she giggles) ok mom”

over and over and over again. I felt like a punching bag or like I was on some jokester video. you know the kind where hottie people like Ashton Kutcher does annoying things just for a reaction.

That kind

Oh, and this may be a fantabulous time to add that I don’t get overly excited about any actor, but let’s just say that Demi’s got great taste in men. 😉

Now we can move on.

I moved out of my bed and onto a much more comfortable couch a minute ago and decided to try and iPhone blog for the first time. I don’t even know if this will work.

THIS is my view…

{oops, that picture feature isn’t here}

Maybe I need to update the 11 apps in my phone that have been flashing at me for months. I phones are quite possibly one of my favorite thing on earth. Apple in general pretty much rules the world (which is why a chunk of my money resides in that stock). All of my gadgets come from apple, other than my sweet noise canceling Bose headphones. those rank right up there with food.

Am I rambling Enough yet? I was going to show you the dear head above me on the wall and the swaying lodge pole pines looking off my deck, but I don’t know how, so you will have to imagine them.

My mom and dad, sister Camille and her son z came to visit last night. I tucked my kids in bed, turned on a movie {definite vacation schedule, I know} and walked over to the other cabin.

We were having a grand time until I ignored my feeling to go check on the kids. One of my older daughters was watching them and I knew they were safe, or so I thought.

I heard screaming and ran with my dad through the VERY dark trees and up the deck. At first I wondered who we would be taking to the hospital until I realized that they were just fighting and over tired from too much fun.

Do you ever wonder as a mother why we try so hard to play with our kids only to pay for it with tired, worn out fighting kids? I do. I know I torture myself sometimes trying to do too much. Not that any realization of the kind will change me, but I am aware.

I have learned a bit about leaving the kids when I need to get out and breathe. This solitary feeling has spurred me to do unmentionable things like {triathlons}. Believe me, they weren’t because I thought I would win!

Now that I have rambled about absolutely Nothing for 20 minutes, I am passing my phone over to my Bug to play games and take a much needed shower after hiking (on accident), six miles with 10 kids (a story for later when I can post pictures) and hiked another several with my father in law, and 2 sister in laws yesterday.

But don’t worry, I won’t leave you with that smell ingrained in your brain. think of the wild flowers I frolicked in, the fattening ice cream I ate two days in a row that smelled so good, and the fresh mountain smells of trees and weeds.

is that better?

I believe so.

Now for the test. I have NO idea what this will look like on my blog, or even IF it will work!


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