I never thought

in mywildestdreams

that I would be dropping my husband off 

at a remote airport by our cabin

to fly away in a tiny plane across enormous, expansive mountains

carrying the most precious cargo

 {on earth}

training with a pilot who looks like this.

But if I have learned anything in life,

it’s that life is full of “never thoughts”

{especially when you’re married to Little Jon}  

As the plane burped and sputtered warming up for the flight, I once again questioned my decision to support Jon and his hair brained ideas.  After all, where have they gotten us before…oh that’s right, to a life of adventure, excitement, and extreme highs and lows…

{a life I wouldn’t trade for anything}

{So I flipped him off} 

out of fear 

and shed one tear 

as I watched him fly into the sunset and straight into one of his life time dreams.  

As if to get me to laugh on his way out of the horizon, he turned around and buzzed us.  I swear I could almost hear him laughing from the ground.  I could visualize his big smile and the giggles coming from the passengers of that plane.  

He loves me, and I love him…and the definition of that 

{for me} 

is supporting each other in our dreams, so his dreams become mine, and mine become his.