I wanted to write a quick note for Father’s Day and remind us all why we love our dad!  As I started going through pictures I was again surprised at everything he makes time for.  Thank you my dear!  We LOVE YA!

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I found a few notes that I copied down onto the blog from the kids. They didn’t all give him a note, some did other things, but here are the notes I have.

Happy Father’s Day!

(Sing to the tune “You are my Sunshine”)

You are my father, my only father

You make me happy, every day

I’ll always love you, forever more

Please don’t leave me, I’ll always need you

Please don’t take my father away!


Dear Dad,

I love you so much.  I’m glad you are my dad.  Thank you for working so we can go places together.  Do you remember that time when we were outside and you were trying to get Kinley and Whitney to eat an ant?  Then you ate one because you said it tasted like a lemon!  Do you remember when we were at Lagoon and you played darts to win me a big blue dragon?  I loved that because it showed me that you love me!  Thank you for doing that so much, I love it because we were with my family and I love my family.  I loved that so much when you got out of work and made paper airplanes with us and I love all the times you got out of work to play with us.  I love that you bought our bunnies.  Thank you for setting up the cages for a long time with us.  Thank you for getting my pure lopped eared bunny Floppy.  It was sad when my first Floppy died so it made me happy when I got another one.  I love how he plays dead!  

I love you forever, 

Love Ella!

Dear Daddy,

Happy Father’s Day!  

Love Halle


As I collect pictures for this post I marvel at all of the various things you support all the “Pink Moss” girls in!  You patiently add girl activities to your portfolio as the days, months, and years go on.  It takes a great guy to do some of the things you do.  

 Exhibit A

(You don’t look too hot in the Halloween picture) Who would dressed up as a twinkie?  Seriously I love the fact that you have dressed up every year I have known you for Halloween.  I remember the first time you showed up on Halloween night when I lived at Branburry in college.  You were with Sydney and already dressed up as a chicken!  You took me to your house where you had a huge box of old costumes for me to try on.  I was a pumpkin and we took Syd trick-or-treating!  

Every year since has gotten bigger and better.  The costumes I remember you wore are:

Santa Clause


A Woman (wearing a size 10 red high heel, red lipstick, and a green dress all from Savers


Clifford the Big Red Dog

Mr. Incredible

Buzz Lightyear

Ex Con


hmm that’s all for now, but I am sure they will keep coming to me.

Do you remember the time (last year) that you dressed up and then without me knowing got a special outfit (Hagrid) for Leavitt’s party after out party of 70 people?  I was so in love!!

Numerous gymnastics meets and dance recitals that will go out for years to come!

Christmas performances.

Special trips all alone

Taking me hunting and shooting

Building businesses and teams of great people together

Loading up trailers full of stuff for girls camp year, after year, after year.  You even wear our sweat shirts if we ask you too!

Our weekly date night that keeps our relationship strong even when times get tough.

Oh look, we are signing our life away…AGAIN!  The calculated risks to continually build together have me running to keep up with you.  Through all the ups and downs, we always keep going, keep building, and keep moving forward.

And thank you for letting us “surprise” you for birthday lunches time after time. We all want to show you thanks the way you serve us all the time!

Our kids love that you pretend not to like animals, but guess what, we all know that you love them and have such a soft spot for anything with fur or four legs!

The amounts of fireworks you buy every year could put on a show for a small town, and guess what?  They do!  You have always been up for an adventure with the motto, “The more the merrier”.  I feel the same and know this is why we have so much fun. (As long as we also get our alone time on date night 🙂

Ask anyone that has had a “Jon Hug” and they will tell you there is nothing better.  Your big arms that wrap all the way around you and squeeze you tight on great days and on hard days.  Sometimes when things are really tough and I can’t talk, all I want is your arms around me in silence.  Holding me strong and comforting.  How blessed our daughters are to have this in a dad!

And how can I forget the service you give to the elderly?  The first time you brought me roses was when you were picking up some for your grandma and mom already.  You have always been so thoughtful stopping to open up doors for women or grab an old ladies arm as she tries to maneuver the stairs on her wobbly legs.  I pray you will be there to do the same for me when I can’t walk anymore.

And the secret Daddy Daughter Dates when I am too tired to come..or maybe you just sneak out to get some one on one.  Either way, I know they will cherish those memories forever.

Not many families can boast of having a daughter in almost every grade at the school spring performances.  How blessed we are to enjoy every number!  Sometimes you have to text during the performance for work, but you came.  The girls know you juggle a lot and they won’t ever be put second.

I love that you dream BIG!  I thought my mind was in the clouds, and it is…but NOTHING compares to someone that can dream as big as me AND make it happen.  Now our minds and bodies are in the clouds with your new adventure of flying!

You are truly talented and I look up to you more than you will ever know.  When people ask me where you drive comes from, I can truly look at them and say it’s because you want to help people.  LOTS of people.  




I will love you forever and always, especially for accepting me regardless of my lack of culinary skills, love for laundry, and planning skills.  You know I make up for it in other areas that in my opinion are more important 😉

Thanks for being you.  

Thanks for being an amazing dad




 and husband

Most importantly,  thanks for being my best friend.