Most moms are doing dishes or thinking up the meal plan for the week.

Most moms spend their time teaching their kids to work.

Most moms are folding laundry or grocery shopping.

Most moms complain of spilled milk and mismatched clothes.

Most moms organize their schedules down to the minute.

Most moms fold socks, underwear, and blankets.

Most mom’s wear shoes, and expect that their kids do also.

I am not “most” moms.

OK, OK, I do some of these things *you can guess which ones* but they aren’t my first choice!

I would rather mow the lawn or climb a mountain.

I would rather make a craft or go to the zoo.

I would rather plan a treasure hunt or sing made up funny songs.

I would rather be making a paper airplane or flying a kite.

I would rather enjoy a picnic under an enormous old tree in the woods.

I would rather use my jeans and towels for three days before I wash them.

I would rather lay on the hammock and tell a story.

I would rather eat a sandwich for every meal.


I would rather make up a funny video and record my kids and neighbor friends singing

 “Fish Heads”.

Wouldn’t you?

What do you spend your time doing when you should be doing other things?

We all do it, don’t we?

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