Happy Wordless Wednesday!

I have spent the past few days computer time *I have myself an hour in the morning before the kids wake up and after my workout* trying to learn light room.  I am so excited about the possibilities it presents of transforming my pictures into being more artistic and dramatic!  Until then, this is the only picture I figured out how to transfer over…bummer!  I will keep working on it!

This is Ella dancing downstairs with all the girls as they do several times a week!

On another note I am into my second week at boot camp and can I tell you…me of my…I have been sore!  I fully expect to be on the cover of shape magazine after training with Mat.  Seriously, I have worked out all my life off and on trying new things and changing it up so I wouldn’t get bored.  It has been hard to find an exercise buddy to go with every day.  I hike with Tiff on an average of once a week, I try to run or bike, and I have used Jillian’s workout on and off.

I LOVE going to workout somewhere there are other people that are just as into physical pain as much or more I am!  No pain, no gain right?!

Top 10 Reasons to Come work Out with Mat at EXL!

1. Just seeing the climbing rope hooked to the ceiling makes me laugh…I could barely do that when I weighed 60 pounds in elementary.

2.  If you want to see results, there is no faster way than to combine cardio with strength training.

3.  I met my new best friend.  I don’t know it’s name but it is a cylinder that we “roll out” with.  It helps unbelievably well with sore muscles!

4. He has good taste in music.

5.  He just expects that you can already do what he is asking you to do, so you push yourself that much harder!

6. My swimsuit, need I say more?

7.  He is teaching me about healthy eating (This has been the hardest for me because in the past if I need to loose weight after a baby, I focus on cutting calories and working out but haven’t been trained on how to actually take the right vitamins and the balance of healthy foods.

8. There are people there ready to work out!  No muscle heads staring at themselves in the mirror, or runway style college girls in thongs. *oh wait, that was in the 90’s*

9. He sets you up with a training buddy for support, AND calls you if you miss!! wowza, now that’s pressure.  No hitting the snooze button when it goes off at 5:30!

10.  You know you want to!

Mat is running  special for those of you in the area starting the last week in June.  Because of how the calender falls, you would end up getting four weeks FREE!  It’s a great time to try it out, so let me know if you are interested or mention my name when you go.

I am not into only showing “pretty” pictures of myself, so here is me in my car after my workout this morning.  It’s impressive that they even let me in!  Have a beautiful summer day!  I will be working on personal financials…*barf*