Today is a special day!

A day to celebrate the birth of Sprite

A day to reflect on her life and the traits that bring a smile to my face daily.

Some words to describe Sprite are:

Sporty, quirky, funny, passionate, strong willed, artistic, and caring.  

I regularly find her:

Reading alone in her room, usually Shel Silverstein because it is her favorite.

Playing with her turtle.

Writing in her journal.

Sneaking behind me to spy or scare me.

Coming up with plans to start a “Yoga, or dog walking business”.

Some random fact about her are:

She wants to be an owner of an exotic fish store when she grows up.  She plans on getting her diving certification with her husband and catching her own fish to sell.  Wow, what an imagination.

She named her first email “Sharp toothed Snail”…What does that tell you about her?  Haha 🙂

The poem is as follows:

Inside everybody’s nose

There lives a sharp-toothed snail.

So if you stick your finger in,

He may bite off your nail.

Stick it farther up inside,

And he may bite your ring off.

Stick it all the way, and he

May bite the whole darn thing off.

Shel Silverstein

Where the Sidewalk Ends

She works really hard in school and loves to learn.  If she becomes frustrated she doesn’t like it quite so well.

As you can see, Sprite is a huge spot of light in our home.  She truly is “bright”.  I love her giggle and willingness to help.  I love to see the world through her eyes and watch her thrive.  I feel so blessed to have her as part of my “Pink Moss” home.  I know she will be a friend I will cherish forever and grow to love more every day.  

When Sprite was born she was very quiet.  She was a chubby baby and snuggled all the time.  She literally had 3 rolls on her chin.  Not one, not two, but THREE!  I had to lift each one and clean her neck every day.  These next two pictures are quite possible the 2 that have made me laugh harder than any other over the years!  How do you resist pinching that!?

She never cried and I would often forget which room I set her in as I chased all the other kids around because she would lay quietly in her swing or porta crib just looking around.  She was in not doubt observing as she still does.  She was a a real cabbage patch doll.  

After about a year she decided she had enough of going unnoticed *in her eyes anyway* and began a habit that almost quite literally drove me over the edge!  She developed a scream.  Not just any scream..I would describe it as a pterodactyl scream!  I am not kidding, the shear octave this sound was on was enough to send shivers down your spine. 

At first it made me laugh because she didn’t do it when she was mad or crying, she did it to get every one’s attention.  

Then it became more of a habit that happened in stores, restaurants, and the car.  Jon used to laugh so hard when she did it because it was the only thing that rattled me.  I am pretty patient and he is usually the one that gets annoyed, so this was something he could watch me cringe at every time.  Her screech didn’t go without effect.  She now has a darling raspy voice that I adore.  Who would have thought that this would become part of her forever?  She is a determined little fart and now shows it in other ways.  

One of my favorite is in the signs she leaves on her bedroom door when she gets upset.

or brings me breakfast in bed (yes I eat sandwiches for breakfast sometimes)

or her precious letters…

I love you Sprite! Have a great birthday (even though you are in Lake Powell with Na Na and Gampy) We are thinking of you and have loved you from the second we laid our eyes on you!