Flashback Friday is a new meme I am just starting where you can link up and share a flashback from your life.  Really old pictures, letters, posts, music etc…anything your little heart desires!  My goal is to at least get ONE participant this week, so help me out my friends!! Memes are a fun way to get to know each other and share!  As people add their entries, go and visit others to see more blogs and laugh or cry with others memories!

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First I want to start with a few songs that flash me back to an older time…

Pretty awesome!!

Now I wanted to add a letter that was written to me from my dad about four years ago.  I just found it and wanted to have it recorded forever.  I actually think I will post it over at mypimde sitebecause he is a beautiful writer and a great example of a parents love.  Remember, he can’t help be see the best in me, he is my dad 😉   He has been so supportive of my blog and reads it when he gets the chance.  I appreciate this because as a busy mom, I feel like he gets to be a part of the day to day that otherwise might slip by.  Thanks dad, for everything.  You are my light, my hero.

Few events in life have more impact than the birth of your first child.  What a miracle and blessing.  I remember feeling amazed as you learned the words, the emotions, and the smile that wedged your soul into my heart.  With your addition to the family, we became the “three amigos”.  We would go and do everything together.  You were such a beautiful little girl with an infectious personality.  I was honored then as I am now to claim you as mine. 

You are now a mother yourself and raising a wonderful family.  In them I see your spirit, your love for life, your enthusiasm for making a difference.  I am honored that young ladies in your ward look to you for guidance.  Your caring and nurturing spirit is amazing.  When I listen to you express concern and explore possible solutions to your current challenges, I thrill at your insight.  Every challenge in your life has been met with determination of success and a willingness to overcome the odds.  Lessons learned in this manner cannot be learned any other way or with more lasting impact.

Through the years I have leaned on your wisdom to help raise your younger siblings.  There are times when mom and dad need the input and guidance of a third party.  Lucky for mom and I, we have had you and Jon for our younger children to turn for advice when mom and dad are better left in the dark.  I cannot express how grateful I am that you and Jon have been there to fill this need.  All of your brothers and sister have been able to come for advice, employment, haircuts, laughter, and direction.  Thanks!

As I consider the years ahead, I smile to think of all those “Janae like” girls as my grandchildren.  They are like you in so many ways.  Jon is an amazing young man and you have together overcome many challenges.  

I love you forever and look forward to the adventures that lay before us.  (Although I do so wish I could freeze time, not sure about the eternal progression thing as once before stated…)

Love you forever, 


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