This morning I went to Boot Camp.

Why do they call it that you ask? Well because they kick your trash…they meaning Mat.  Jon and I went to another Corporate Alliance retreat at Park City a few weeks ago and I bid on the personal training package.  I get to go and work my butt off at Mat’s facility.  10 things that I learned this morning at boot camp…

1. Eat before you go.

2. Wear a lot less clothing.

3. Drink more water.

4. Get a stretchier band for the exercises.

5. Waking up at 5:30 stinks.

6.  I fully expect my body to be on the cover of shape magazine in 6 months.

7. I wanted to hit Mat, but I couldn’t.

8. Push ups hurt.

9. Push ups with a band hurt worse.

10. I can’t wait to go back tomorrow!

Golds Gym is a meat/meet locker.  Dudes with huge arms hanging awkwardly in a tent shape meander around and look at themselves in the mirror.  

Girls find the cutest outfit they can, and look at each other.  I fully enjoyed Mat’s gym because it was low key and real.  People are there working hard and focused on their success, not their biceps muscle flexing in the mirror.  I am loving that I have a month free, but am concerned that this could be an addiction for me.  I worked out harder than I ever would alone and I have no doubt I will see results.  

The part that concerns me the most is the eating regimen we are supposed to follow.  I have always eaten pretty simple things like sandwiches *just ask all my friends about my famous sandwiches*, bar-b-Que chicken, veggies, pasta etc.  I dont’ make a lot of recipes – 1. because I am a crappy *cooker* and 2. because I don’t like spending that much time in the kitchen.  I regularly burn or cut myself if I try to be too creative, and frankly, it gets old.  I would rather make a sandwich and call it good.  Having said that, I value good food.  I love freshly made healthy food, but I just plain don’t know how.  I know I can exercise, I rather enjoy it but I am pretty sure when I visit the grocery store today with the list Mat gave me, that I may just stare at the isles like a deer in the head lights.  When he let us know we would get hundreds of recipes and meal plans to try, I think he thought that would be exciting, but I am a bit overwhelmed.  Never the less, I will give it my best shot.  Call me Betty Crocker, or Mrs. Fields *other than I won’t be baking cookies*, I will be cutting up carrots.  Yes, call me bugs bunny.  

I plan on recording my lack or culinary skills for your enjoyment and ego.  Did I mention that all the food I mess up on goes out on my back patio?  How else do you think Phylis got so fat?  

This picture below is a pancake.  I know it may look like your left incisor, but it was an attempt to make the kids “coco pancakes”.  Need I saw more?