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I wanted to start a meme that would make me laugh and be fun to participate in each week.  I plan on kicking it off TODAY!  I don’t really expect anyone to jump in and have something to say, but if so you are more than welcome!  The name of my meme will be called 

Flashback Friday

It is meant to be fun and get everyone to dig out old stuff that makes you laugh, cry, or just plain embarrassed!  We all need to to decompress on Friday, and what better way than to laugh at ourselves?  I am going to start with an old journal entry but some more ideas would be:

A really old picture that you can share that wouldn’t otherwise be seen

A funny or great story that you want to record

An old letter or card that makes you happy/laugh

An old song or smell that jogs your memory 

A note from your kid that makes you smile

An old hair style that you just have to post

Your 80’s bangs 🙂

You get the picture.  I am already giggling at the stuff that will be dug out of old boxes to share.  I thought of this yesterday when I was looking at all of the REALLY old journals and pictures I gathered before I started to blog.  I wanted to find a way to make myself focus on recording them one day a week because sometimes I am sad I don’t have my whole life recorded on my blog like some of the younger generation will!  

So, here we go..

This is a journal entry form seventh grade that I just found.

The question given to us in school to write on was “What is your favorite part of lunch time and why?

Dear Jurnal, (yes I know it’s spelled wrong but I didn’t for years!)

My favorite part of lunch time is looking at all of the boys and talking with all of my friends and eating other peoples french fries.  I also like their food (sometimes).  If I don’t like the food I eat an ice cream sandwich and pop.  After we eat we can go outside and talk or whatever.




The depth of my soul is mind boggling!  The fact that I haven’t had a heart attack is also!!

I will be more prepared next week with a killer picture or something, but for now this will do!  Now it’s YOUR turn!  Go ahead and add a link if you can think of anything to post and share with the rest of us!  I think this will be a fun way to reminisce and laugh at old times together!