Do you remember Barney?  Of course you do.  He has taken a lot of slack for having an annoying voice, being an annoying color, and singing annoying songs.

Kinley LOVED Barney when she was little.  Whitney LOVED Teletubbies, Brighton LOVED Elmo, Ella LOVED Boo Ba, and Halle LOVED Dora.  It was nice to make the rounds and enjoy them all but my favorites are The Backyardigans and Sponge Bob.

And while I thought I had seen it all, I knew today I hadn’t when I saw this:

There is nothing to really say about the video other than it is awesome haha 🙂

On a totally different note – I am SO excited to go to the Casual Blogger’s Conference all day tomorrow. I signed up for it several months ago and it just snuck up on me!  I am looking forward to meeting other bloggers I have talked to online, especially Jen. It’s funny how you just connect with some people right from the start.  She is already at the conference because it went all day, but it is my kids last day of school and I have been plenty busy.  There were flowers to be bought, Native Honey bags to grab for the teachers, and pictures to take.  After school I took all the kids and their friends to the BEST restaurant on the PLANET *Chuck-a-rama*

Does it have the best food? NO

Is it the cleanest? NO

Is it the cheapest? NO

Do my kids pick the healthy foods on the buffet? NO

Does it gross me out when I find a hair my my food? YES

Can my kids be as annoying as they want, and nobody hears? YES

If they spill, do I keep on eating without a flinch? YES

Will I keep going even though many call it *BARF-A-RAMA*?  YES

So we go and love it.

More than anything, I love how Halle calls it *CUCK-A-RAMA* There is another restaurant just like it called *Golden Corral*  I was OK until one of the the 500 old people that eat there turned to set down his tray right next to mine and FARTED in my face.  Yes eye level…eye*level*far*to*the*face. Even Through the same crown goes to chuckarama, I eat there now instead.

Now onto a NEW note!  I posted about my loathing for dressing room mirrors over at P.I.M.D.E., so check it out and feel free to visit the great women that have contributed to the site.  I will soon be adding crafts to do with your daughters, summer ideas to keep kids busy, and much more!  If you have any ideas for the site or want to contribute, let me know!