Amber passed on this award to me the same week that my new friend Robin did, so I thought I’d better respond! I love to hear that people enjoy reading what I write because I often wonder if I am a crazy person to spend on average an hour a day writing to well..kind of nobody.  There are numbers on my computer that tell me people read, but I haven’t ever seen them, so I am taking my computers word for it!  So a big THANK YOU to Robin and Amber for always commenting on my posts and awarding me with:

Alright, now on to the rules!! I have to provide you all with seven tidbits of information that you may not know about me and then pass the award onto 15 other bloggers.  I highly doubt I will make it to 15 but I will shoot for 5 🙂 Don’t come hunt me down and hurt me for cheating!

I decided to take some random thoughts from seven years of school.  They speak for themselves.

1.  When I was in first grade I was playing kissing tag *surprised?*  I know …me?  Anyway, some dude that will remain unnamed grabbed my friend and wrapped her up in a chain link fence which was detached from the polls.  He called it his “base” but it looked pretty freaky to me!  I knew I had to rescue her! 

 I ran into the classroom and frantically looked for a weapon.  After a few seconds I found it!  I ran back out with a 2 inch pin with a red ball on the top.  I wasn’t quite sure what I would do with it, but that didn’t matter.  It was up to me to save her life!  I ran up behind him and jammed it into his butt *ALL THE WAY* through his Levi jeans and everything.  Needless to say, he grabbed his toosh with both hands and screamed. 

 I still remember his red hair, and his red face, and the red pin. 

p.s. My friend was free!

p.p.s. The boy never talked to me again.

2. In second grade I had a girl in my class that loved to flash the boys.  I am talking flip up her skirt every day for the boys.  I was so annoyed that this was stealing the attention away from me and my normal second grade way to get their attention  (like doing cartwheels) that I didn’t like her.  

At recess one day she was up to her same tactics once again as the boys stood in a circle.  She had white underwear with polka dots…so annoying!  I’d had it, I didn’t have anymore patience for it.  I ran up and pantsed *sp*?  her.  

It ended up worse than I meant because her underwear came down with her skirt!  I was mortified and ran.  I am still running from that little incident, I still feel bad but hopefully it taught her a lesson and she isn’t a 34 year old doing the same thing….

3.  In third grade I loved my teacher, Ms. Bonner!  I remember saying the word “crap” for the first time and reading “How to eat Fried Worms”.  It was a good year, and I don’t remember any major mishaps. *other than the time I jumped off the ski lift*.

4. In fourth grade I had my first male teacher.  I had him wrapped around my little finger and he knew it.  I got away with murder.  The memories that stick out the most are the birds in the back of the classroom, Jeremy playing the recorder through his nose, and Greg showing everyone his “diarrhea” meaning diorama!  I still laugh about that, sorry Greg!

5.  Fifth grade started the drama with the girls, just like I see my kids doing.  I remind myself of “Romona Quimby” when I think of the time that Nicole and I were drawing a mural on the wall of the four food groups.  There was another girl that was also drawing the same thing next to us and she kept trying to copy our work.  This was uncalled for, so we tried our best to cover our masterpiece.  

The next thing we knew was that Rochelle was actually bringing food from the lunch room, sneaking it upstairs to the class, and gluing it to the wall!  I guess she figured that if she couldn’t draw it better than us, she would make it 3D.  It stunk so much that the kids in the class were sick but the ants were having the time of their lives!

I had another male teacher but he didn’t like me as much as Mr. Baldrie.  He in fact, was so bugged by me he wrote *without my knowledge until my senior year on my permanent record* that he was

 “Seriously worried about my educational future!”  

What the HECK!?  I was what, 10!!? I remember flipping some rubber bands, laughing a lot, and flirting, but nothing that would put me at the bottom of the cesspool pool of students! He made me feel like I was Bill or Ted from their Excellent adventure.  Then again, I loved that show!

6.  Sixth grade was another fun year with another male teacher.  Everything went OK until I had to do a report on mummification and used my cabbage patch kid for the example dummy.  

So far so good until recess time.  Amber and I threw bags of flour at our friends…and this was so much fun we decided to sneak out of class to shove them up the tailpipes of the teachers cars in the parking lot!  What in the world were were we thinking?  We were so proud of ourselves for being so sneaky we told some boys.  Luckily they had SOME sense and let us know how dangerous this could be!  We went back out at recess and fixed our little issue.  

7.  Seventh grade brought with it more drama.  Of course all 5 of my friends had a crush on the same boy.  His name was Peter Petris.  How do I remember that?  Maybe I should look him up on face book tonight so I can see his picture and laugh for 3 hours straight! 

 I wore blue and pink eye shadow and ratted my bangs 4 inches in the air.  What was not to love?  We spent countless hours prank calling our crushes *this was back before caller I.D.* that ruined everything!

(I looked for Peter, but I couldn’t find him)

hmmm…the memories.  After reviewing my academic history I am realizing that maybe Mr. Kartchener had it right.  Maybe I was a misfit that wouldn’t amount to anything.  I watch my kids pull their little stunts, reflect on Jon’s tricks he arranged and think that we deserve what we get.  When I am in parent teacher conferences and they tell me my kids are being a distraction, I shouldn’t act quite so shocked. 

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t all bad.  I actually had a really good relationship with all most of my teachers, but there was a streak of trouble in there with my sweet phasod.

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