We are so lucky to have a post fromS.I.F. over at PIMDE today!  She is a wonderful blog friend and a great writer.  She has a lot of great things to say, so hop on over and leave her a comment.  Her blog is also great and has been featured on other blogs before.  Her community on Blog Frog has gotten the attention of many for being one of the most active because she is so sweet and tries to find the time to talk with everyone.

Onto what’s on my mind today (well one of many things!)

I love having great friends…call me immature, but the friends in my video are about 15 years younger than myself.  Unfortunately for you…or me…or my kids…I am sad I wasn’t with them when they recorded this!  I would have been right there with them.  Hmm, maybe that’s an idea! 

So until I can record a scary video of myself, you will have to do with the video of my next door neighbors.  They are the best neighbors anyone could EVER ask for!  A while back I heard the door open *which happens all the time* and Sarah walked in, opened my fridge, took out the milk, poured it into her cereal bowl (that she brought), smiled and left.  This is a regular occurrence between our homes.  Our dishes find comfort in both places, and so do our kids.   We both believe it was divine intervention *possibly* for a few reasons.

1. We are both open door policy and that might stink if we walked into someones house and they weren’t quite on the same wave length as ourselves.

2. The Leavitt’s lost their sweet dad to cancer a few years back and Jon tries his best to watch over their girls as well as our own.  (Barbara has 4 daughters and we have 6!) You should have seen us last year when Jon and I took everyone to Hawaii for a week!  We brought our friend Kent to help with luggage and for Jon’s sanity reasons.  We ate, laughed, slept at the beach, and played our guts out.  Amy *which is the dark haired one in the video* also came with us.  It was a stinkin’ party!

3. If I need help with the kids, I have built in babysitters.  If they need help with anything we try to be there for them but I don’t cook as well as Barbara THAT is for sure!

4. Barbara is my hero.  She has taught me many lessons in parenting, patience, service and faith.  I am a different person because of her.  One of her goals is to pass on the knowledge she has gained of helping in the community.  Jon and I always love to serve, but she has given us the tools to implement our passions.

Bottom line, we both would have gone crazy by now if we didn’t have each other!  SO, without anymore commercial breaks, I introduce Sarah and Amy in “Dont’cha Wish!”