Usually I like my kids to “Say Cheese”

And sometimes, I just like to capture what’s already on their face.

These are the expressions I caught right before Ella’s first dance recital EVER with Center Stage performing arts! 

The day was chaos, but worth every hyperventilation.

I’m sure of it.

And so are they.

They meaning Whitney and Ella that performed, Brighton, Maddy their friend, Angel Whitney’s friend,Kinley, Lizzy,Halle, and Jon.  Yes, we are sure it was worth it.

Another day for the books.  That what May 15, 2010 was.  Let me rewind for just a moment as I review the chain of events that brought us to the actual performance.

Saturday I awoke with a groggy heart thumping blast!  I was tired, but I knew what lay ahead.  Shower, dressed and over to get Ella, Brighton, andHallefrom Grandma and Grandpa Moss’ house.  I thought I was right on time until Maria, Patty’s friend kept pointing down to the back of my dress.  She wouldn’t say anything, but her eyes were big and foreboding.  “What?” asked, but she wouldn’t respond.  Finally I pulled my dress around and noticed a huge um stain…”hopefully something I sat on I thought”.  I lunged into the bathroom to scrub as fast as possible.

We rushed out the door and made it toTimpviewHigh school 10 minutes late for her rehearsal.  Luckily they hadn’t gone on the stage yet and she quick pulled on her costume over the one she was wearing.  Ugly, yea…but it was just a rehearsal.  She ran back stage and walked on, just as the rest of the class was.  Phew…I collapsed in a chair in the auditorium already out of breath at 8:00 a.m.  I chatted with the nice mommy next to me and enjoyed watching Ella shake it on stage.  I laughed with the mommy about the two layered costume Ella was wearing and gushed over her daughter’s well manicured appearance complete with curls, makeup and smile.  She let me know that she had only taken the time because they were having pictures right after the practice…WHAT!?  PICTURES!?  Hmm, that note would have been nice to receive..

Soon as I knew it, Ella was done and running up to picture line with her stringy hair and milk mustache blowing in the wind.  I chased her as fast as I could carryingHallein my high heeled sandals. I caught up to her as she was in line to take her group photo.  I grabbed at her and pulled her aside.  I had to have the underneathleolayer stripped off her in a matter of seconds as to not ruin everyoneelse’sgroup photo!  Another nice mommy offered her jacked to hold up as Ella stripped down in the crowded room.  I tried to help as I held the jacket but something just wasn’t working.  When we unveiled her we saw her head on the right way, but her outfit on the backwards kind of way.  Up the jacket went again to try and remedy the situation.  On it was again, so we unleashed her.  THIS time she had 2 legs in one hole and the team was all getting posed for the picture.  Back up the jacket went and all was fine on the bottom half but the straps *all four* were messed up on top.  I felt like I was playing twister as we heard seams popping and yanked various straps over her head to adjust the situation.  Right as they were calling for “ELLA!”  She jumped into place and the camera went SNAP!  Heart attack city.

All was well as we left the practice and we were right on track until Brighton realized she was missing a sock.  Um, problem…you can’t miss a sock in soccer.  I am pretty sure that’s why it’s called “Sock-er”.  It couldn’t happen, so instead of being on time we drove across town to get the missing sock.  On the way back I am pretty sure I was in a hurry.  Who wouldn’t have been right?  That’s why I wasn’t shocked as I pulled up to the soccer field seeing lights flashing in my rear view mirror.  “Oh man!  Well I asked for it!”  I contemplated as I kept my eyes on the rear view and hit the curb on the right.  “This is the perfect introduction to all the soccer parents on the field. At least they will get to know the real me, right away!”

Mr. Policeman walked up to my window and I said hello.  I thought about pulling mycollege tricksout but decided better of it. 

 I just said, “Hello, how fast was I going?” with a slight grin…

Mr. Police Man: “Well, mam I am not sure because it took me a while to catch up to you (gulp), but the reason I pulled you over is because you went straight in a turning lane and cut a guy off.”

*Me: “Oh…is he o.k.? I didn’t even see it *and I hadn’t*!

*Mr. Police Man: “Well, he is fine but can I see your license and registration?”

*Me: “Ya, sure.” As I reached over to open my glove box, I realized I didn’t have one…or if I did, I didn’t know how to open it in my BMW.  They are great cars but make everything so sleek, you can’t find it!  “Um, to tell ya the truth, I don’t know how to open it…”

*Mr. Police officer: “O…..K….., do you have a license at least?”

*Me: “Sure do!!” So I thought I had better hand it to him.

Mr Police man went to his car and ran a report on me as I sat there in front of all the soccer parents pointing and laughing.  Hallestarted screaming that she had to pee and I didn’t know if I would get cuffed and stuffed if I jumped out and ran her to the port a potty, so I told her she had to just “Hold it!”

Mr. Police man came back and asked,


Me: Oh Crap!  I forgot I was supposed to tell him when he pulled me over so I wouldn’t get a ticket.  “Nope, I am not carrying one…”  (Jon and I got our concealed weapons permit for fun a few years ago when we were hunting and although I don’t carry, or haven’t ever, I am still supposed to volunteer the information. 

Mr. Police Man: “OK, well I will let you off this time, but find your glove box and don’t go straight in a turning lane.  Slow down and don’t hit curbs.”

Me: “Thanks, :)”

And so my husband has yet another reason to curse dumbblondes…what can I say?  Sometimes it works. I grabbedHalleand ran her to the repulsiveportapotty.  She didn’t know what she was in for until I lifted the lid.  The screams that came out of her little body were expected.  I feel the same way.  PILES of nastiness almost reached the seat.  “Don’t lookHalle, just go.  It’s just one of those things..” 

As I watched Brighton give it her all on the soccer field to make it onto the team “Celtic Storm”, I teared up and was grateful for the chance to watch her chase her dream.  She tried dancing and it just wasn’t her.  She likes to be different, not like the rest of her sisters, and she will show it in every way she can.  She is sporty and competitive.  Soccer is for Brighton.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t always matter because there were 30 other little girls trying to squeeze into the 12 spots available.  We shall see, we shall see…

Jon was busy buying  birthday present for Brighton’s friends birthday party right after the soccer tryout and before the dance performance.  He made it in time to watch the last of her tryout and gave her a big bear daddy hug.  Nothing better in my book.  We bid farewell as she left with her friend to the birthday party.

We decided to take Ella andHalleto “CuckyCheese”.  On the way Jon showed me the Scooter we bought forShauntyl’stwentieth birthday.  Shanniehas biked her way to work for four years now and we decided it was time to help her out a bit.  We calledShauntyland told her we would be at her house in 10 minutes.  She asked why, and we told her it was a surprise!

Yes, I think she was happy!  

When she saw it, she just squealed!  What else do you do?  She was in heaven, and still is.  She picked out thepurpley-blue one because it is her favorite color.  It was perfect for her.

We dropped her back off after the surprise, and went to “CuckyCheese”  I had a salad and was moving slow because I was tired.  Jon offered to have me go take a nap while he played with them.  (ahhhh…sounded perfect).  When they got back home, we got Ella all ready in full makeup and hair and sent her on her way to her first performance (which is where my blog post started)  The dances were perfect.  Ella danced to “Steam Heat”, and Whitney danced to “Sticks and Stones” and Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted Snake” which is a song I used to dance to when I was her same age!  After the performance we were walking out and poor Halle had a major coughing attack.  She coughed so hard she barfed all over Jon’s new sport jacket.  woops… 🙂  We drove home and Jon had the idea to take the kids and their friends to bowl.  I stayed home with sad little Halle and Jon played with the kids.  I feel asleep at 9:00 which I haven’t done since I don’t know when, and slept for 12 hours and I know I haven’t done THAT since I was about 16!!

What a day.  I was ready for Sunday…yes I was.