Just trying to quick re-cap the past several days…

Friday was a normal mess of confusion juggling kids to and fro.  Soccer tryouts, dance rehearsals and such.  Sydney offered to help transport the kids on Friday night so I could go to the dinner in Park City with Jon.  We were meeting for Corporate Alliance and it is always great to meet new people that are working hard to develop their businesses.  Jon and I are investors in this company and love the concept of this business.  The goal is to get people together from various businesses so they can get to know each other and network.  It is a very effective model and brings many business deals and connections to the table.

If you live in Utah and are interested in finding out more about how to use Corporate Alliance to build your business, let me know!  

I arrived sweating and out of breath at about 5:00 Friday night.  I thought I looked OK, but Jon had this plan to take me to the outlets and find a new outfit for the event.  What a guy!  What a great idea, but I explained to him the complications (AGAIN) of having a *woman’s* body.  It just isn’t the same as a MAN in many reasons but as far as clothing goes let me list the ways:

There is no way on this planet that a woman can walk into any store that carries swim suits and pick a color in small, medium, or large.  It just doesn’t work that way!  Jon complains if his swim trunks don’t have enough pockets in them, and I am thinkingpockets?! That would be a treat!  I am lucky to have a pocket for the spongy inserted little pad in the breastal area so the suit isn’t too revealing, and that is asking a lot most of the time!

A dress, well that isn’t very easy either.  Women have the reality of one size on the top, and one size on the bottom.  If the dress fits up top, it usually doesn’t on the bottom OR visa versa.

Some women have hips, some don’t.  Some are tall, other’s aren’t.  All are beautiful and ALL are unique.  This equals = NOT easy to buy a nice outfit that just fits in 20 minutes.  

Well, Jon blew all of my expectations in well about…20 minutes at the Polo Outlet!  I felt like “Pretty Woman” as we grabbed a few *luckily* beautiful dresses and tried them on.  The two I picked up just fit perfectly!  I couldn’t believe it, but I wasn’t complaining.  Jon grabbed them both, ran up to the cash register and bought them while I waited in the dressing room.  I threw them on and we were off! Two stores away was “Nine West” and we found two pair of shoes that matched and fit like a glove in about 10 minutes.  

Total shopping spree 30 minutes, bonus points for Jon …too many to count.  How I felt at the dinner in my new get up…priceless.  Thanks Jon!

During the dinner we sat with our accountant Mike and his wife, Ricky and his wife (owner of Toy Share), and Matt Gover (a friend I knew in college).  He is a personal trainer and I was the lucky bidder that won a month free “Boot Camp” at his personal training facility.  Jon and I gave away a little four wheeler for the auction and made the owner of “Magelby’s Construction” happy to win so he could give it to his little boys.  

The food was great and the people were even better!  Thanks Corporate Alliance for putting on a great event!