Do you remember this post?!

I do.  I was trying to embrace my husbands obsession with fish.  FISH.  WHY FISH?  Don’t ask me.  You can’t hold them, you can’t pet or cuddle with them, they just swim.  A lot of things can swim, so why fish?


Fish have single fin-adly turned my life UP SIDE DOWN the past month.  Longer if you are counting all of the nights Jon comes home with new fish at 9:00 p.m. right as I am putting the kids to bed.  Of course they have to see, and of course they need to bond with Jon, so they stay up.  

Our HUGE fish tank flooded our house about 6 weeks ago and my house has been torn up.  I am finally getting it put back together with new carpet, paint, and tile.  Yes, up side down.  I have been patient.  VERY patient.  I didn’t yell at the fish guy for what may have been his fault, I didn’t yell at Jon, I didn’t loose my cool.  But today, today I just lost my cool.  

Halle is sleeping and I have blogged.  I posted my last post *about poop* and walked down the hallway to Brighton’s room *with a shut door* FYI, usually means trouble with kids, in my case anyway.  Something to hide.  

YES, she did have a reason to shut the door.  THE stench permeated my WHOLE house as I cracked the door open with one eye gazing in.  I knew the smell before I ever focused my eyes.  Not moldy sandwiches, or a dirty diaper, a lurking peed on sheet or even a child poo on the floor.  

NO, it was worse than all, all combined.  The smell of DEAD BLOATED NASTY FISH! Apparently Halle dumped the whole bottle of fish food into the tank  last night and every fish was belly up.  Seriously?!  It stunk SO bad that I almost lost it.  Usually it is a figure of speech to say “barf” but really, I don’t know how I held it down.  Halle just followed me saying, “Ewww, I’m Sowwee!” *sorry* She must have been disturbed from all the noises I was making. Pretty frightening I am sure, because I could barely control myself. I think the picture below has got it right.  THIS is where fish should be.  That way if they die, you can just flush them instead of having to carry the bodies to the toilet.  Pure genius.

Why am I sharing this?  I don’t know other than I had to vent, not just to one person but to everyone I don’t know that reads my blog.  So there you have it.  Two freakin’ nasty posts in ONE day.  After all, we are friends right, and we are supposed to help each other out though the good and the bad.  Too bad I can’t help you, HA!