Does anyone else out there reading this feel like you are in a race against time?! 

I have been somewhat overwhelmed lately with my schedule.  Between my girls and their commitments and my own mothering and business to do list, it is enough to drive anyone crazy.  How do I physically be at multiple places at once?  I feel like I am always letting someone down.  Yesterday I tried to figure out this weekends schedule for at least an hour.  It went something like this…

Brighton has soccer registration from 5-7:30 on Thursday, and soccer tryouts on Friday from 5-7:30, and tryouts Saturday from 9-10:30, and a birthday party at 11:00 (that she can’t miss). 

Whitney has a dance practice at 11:00 and 3:00, including a dance performance starting at 4:00 on Saturday.

Ella has a dance practice at 7:50 a.m. on Saturday and the same performance as Whitney at 4:00.

I was also invited for an overnight retreat in Park City for one of the businesses we are involved in.  Dinner and good company/time with Jon.

Kinley doesn’t have her performances for a few weeks, thank goodness!  To start, there is no possible way that I can go to the overnight thing with Jon.  Rise and shine on Saturday at 6:30 for Ella’s practice – starting at 7:50, hopefully done in time to rush home and get Brighton ready for her practice at 9:00 (that is across town), making it back *hopefully* in time to get Whitney there at 11:00 and Brighton to her birthday party (at the same time).  Across town again to get Whitney and Ella performance ready with full makeup, hair, and costumes, cross my fingers…by 4:00 *oh, wait, I think they have to be 30 minutes early*.  Then I can drive back home, get the rest of the kids ready (in 15 minutes) to come support the two dancers, bring my camera and snacks.  Jon should pull into town about then from the retreat I was supposed to go to.  He said he may ditch to stay home and help if he can get out of it.  Then I get to pay money for the whole family to watch my own daughters dance, after I have already paid for the numerous lessons.  Whew… and then I can slouch back in my seat and try to decompress!  I am sure I will look around the room and see hundreds of other moms that somehow had the time to get cute.  I will be doing good to squeeze a shower in.  

This is one day in my life.  I struggle because I want every kid to have something that they call theirs…a talent that they can be proud of.  I believe it is a very important component to a healthy kid, but where does that leave my schedule with so many kids?  Pure insanity.  I try to keep things as simple as possible, but come on.  Is that really possible?  I don’t think so. 

Maybe I need to draw a watch on my wrist like Kinley and Whitney did last night.  They wanted time to stand still so they didn’t have to go to bed, so they drew 9:15 because I gave them the deadline of 9:30.  Pretty smart.  If I had to draw a time, I think I would pick 9:00 a.m. right after I get the kids to school and I can sit and write for a minute.  Right now…the perfect time that is being drawn on my wrist today.

Did I mention that we need food?  Grocery shopping would be nice, and the weeds are growing faster than my kids right now.  Oh, and the fish tank…it has to be moved back into the room that was flooded over a month ago, so my furniture can be put back. Ooooo, I almost forgot getting my seamstresses set up for the next week with inventory, color palettes, and schedules.

Aren’t you glad you came to read of my stress today so you can feel better about whatever you are attacking?  The funny part is, I am extremely happy.  My stress is good stress.  I have had times in my life that my stress was bad and that is a lot worse.  Everyone is healthy *other than the normal colds*, I have a beautiful family and life.  Suck it up Janae and move on!