Happy Mother’s Day!

I found a poem this morning that I thought would be perfect to share today!  After you read it, jump on over to my new site, “In My Daughter’s Eyes”.  It is a work in progress, but is definitely on it’s way!

I Am Grateful

(This poem was written when I was 8 months pregnant with baby number 5.  I remember feeling so frustrated and was sick of hearing my thoughts complain, so I rant to the drawer, pulled out a piece of paper and scribbled this down as a reminder to myself in about 3 minutes!)

I am grateful to clean my home – I have a home

I am grateful that I am tired, uncomfortable, and don’t sleep – I am pregnant

I am grateful Jon is busy – we have work and able bodies

I am grateful for laundry – we have clothes

I am grateful for a never ending ringing phone – we have friends and family

I am grateful to be a chauffeur – we have a car and money for lessons

I am grateful for my headaches – I have a head

I am grateful for gaining a ton of weight – we have food

I am grateful for bills – they aren’t bill collectors

I am grateful for ketchup – it is the only vegetable my children want to eat

I am grateful for seeing my messy house – I can see

I am grateful to hear quarreling – I can hear

I am grateful for late night homework – my kids get an education

I am grateful I am sick – I appreciate being healthy

I am grateful Jon is at Young Men’s – I have a righteous husband

I am grateful for messy bathrooms – we don’t have an outhouse

I am grateful to be exhausted at night – I have filled my day with work

I am grateful for a glass half full – at least I have water

I am grateful for a suburban – 6 kids wouldn’t fit in a red convertible

I am grateful I had the chance to loose everything before – I recognize what I have now

And now, drum roll please………..without further delay:

Project: “In My Daughter’s Eyes”