I am SO stinkin’ excited!

I have been spending my “extra” time getting my new site “In My Daughter’s Eyes” project up and running! I have received many fabulous letters from women that have chosen to participate, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Some are funny, some are serious, and some are just plain life changing. I have been an emotional wreck reading them as they trickle in through my email. I am not even a cryer (is that a word? Well it is on my blog). I don’t like to cry in front of people…or even alone. It can be somewhat unhealthy. I have noticed in my ripening age, I can’t control the spill of emotion through a tear every now and again. Call it good, call it bad, it depends on the perspective. ANYWAY, you can’t see me cry through the computer screen, *which is probably why I love blogging*. I can be your friend and you can be mine, but there is a barrier, a safety net.

I am meeting one blogger buddy at the upcoming “Casual Blogger Conference” in about a month *Jen*, and that will make it more real. Sometimes I don’t feel like people are actually reading what I write. Maybe when I meet Jen I will just burst out in tears because she has read my stories, I have read hers, and we have a bond. It is kind of like online dating I guess. If I see her at the conference and she scares me, I just do an about turn and run to a different class!

OK, enough of THAT tangent! I am jumping up and down with anticipation because I am launching my project on MOTHER’S DAY!

Yes, I know only a few days and I have been busy. I have decided to start with my dedication to my girls, along with my letter. I will explain why I started this project and begin adding letters as they come in. Sometimes one letter per day, and sometimes it may be longer depending on how many I have. I originally planned on lumping it all together at once, but I decided that there would be more impact on each single letter and woman if I gave them time to be alone. The links and pictures will be attached of course so the people that want to read more about you can link to your blog if you have one. After each letter has it’s time in the lime light I will add it to the tab on the top of the blog labeled “Letters and Links” so it will always be there. For the people that want to read more than one letter, they can scroll down through all of the past letters.

The site is so close to being finished and I hope it happens!! I have my blog designers link and the right of my blog if you want to check her out. She is priced well and has darling taste! So cross your fingers and hope to see the best Mother’s Day gift to myself, to you, and most importantly my daughters, I could ever come up with!