Today I feel like dancing!

I danced my whole life. I danced because I loved it! I don’t remember the exact day it happened, but at some point in my adulthood I realized that it wouldn’t be as easy to enjoy this talent like I always had. My kids just aren’t that excited to watch me practice my military dance from the days I was on the high school drill team. I still can’t figure out why they wouldn’t love to sit with me and watch my old dance videos. In fact, when I made them sit and watch, all they did was laugh! Can you imagine it? I know the running man isn’t THE move anymore but can’t they appreciate talent when they see it?

I have had to settle for dancing around the house to the radio with them when I get the itch. Unfortunately my pirouettes and leaps have fallen behind *to say the least* and I can’t even imaging sitting in the splits because “it’s comfortable” like I used to.

No, those days are over. Now I satiate my appetite for dance through watching my own children enjoy it. I twitch and squirm in my seat as I experience muscle memory. I feel like I am the one on the stage, but in all actuality, I am the mother taking pictures from the audience. I tear up when I see my kids express themselves through dance and I must be quite embarrassing to them. I guess they won’t quite understand until they are the mothers in the audience.

Today I feel like dancing, but I will settle for sharing a few of my favorite dance clips. Most likely you have seen at least one of these, but it never hurts to watch again!

Another favorite I couldn’t embed