I actually have issue with paper.

Some paper is good, and some paper is bad. When Jon and I were going through the loss of our business and in court for numerous reasons, I received A LOT of paper. Every time the nasty stuff would come in the mail or from an officer, I would tuck it away neatly in a drawer so I wouldn’t see it. We didn’t have the money to pay for it anyway.

I stress out when I have too much paper around. It brings up an anxiety that I don’t want to deal with. I hate doing bills because I sweat as I work through them. Not because I can’t pay for them, but because my body has a reaction to it. I wish I were kidding! Call it “mailbox Post Traumatic Disorder” if you would like! I actually have the same problem with wanting to answer the phone and my front door even though this all happened several years ago, because more often than not, there was a bill collector there, and not a friend.

I receive countless amounts of paper everyday. Some comes from my mailbox and some from the many businesses Jon and I own. (Taxes for these businesses is enough to give someone a heart attack.) A lot comes from the kids school and even more are random doodles found around the house. Combine my paper issue with all this paper and sometimes I feel like a fireman that is scared of fire!

Every once in a while I come across a piece of paper that I leave out. It brings me so much happiness, I can’t even bare to put it in a file, so there is sits by my bedside bringing a smile to my face every time I look at it. Before I tuck these two letters away that Whitney wrote me this month, I wanted to record them here for easy access and your enjoyment. Don’t worry, I asked her permission to share.


I looked at my feet dangling by my body; I knew that Heavenly Father gave them to me to know how to walk. I looked at my hands knowing Heavenly Father gave them to me to know how to feel. I looked at my ears knowing Heavenly Father gave them to me to know how to listen. I looked at my eyes knowing Heavenly Father gave them to me to know that I’m beautiful.

*Now I don’t know about you, but I am proud. What a beautiful young lady.


Mothers Day is a day to thank our mothers. It is a day that we prayed that we have peoples so called mothers to get us up in the morning. What are mothers? Mothers are generally an attitude. They teach you all you need to know in every subject you could think of. They can also be your friend in tough times through life. Most mothers are either strict and on time for everything but my mother is the best, she is the kind of mother who likes to have fun and get things done at the same time while learning new stuff every day. Every mother teaches their children different but at the same time they still love them with all their heart.

*Seriously, this kid is a writer. I love how she mentions that I am not always on time ha ha 🙂

Oh well, we all have good AND bad right!?