As I was driving by my neighbor’s apple orchard today, I couldn’t help but stop…get out of my car….and take this picture. It was raining and thundering on and off today with a random peak from the sun here and there. I had passed it a few times before and I almost crashed once because I was wrapped all up in the beauty of nature. This (for me) can be more dangerous than even screaming kids in the back seat sometimes.

I can’t promise many blog posts over the next few days. You see, I am going to my cabin with my old friends that I grew up with, some from the age of 6!!! One is my cousin, that has obviously been around my whole life and others were added along the way. We have met a total of maybe 5 times over the past 16 years!! Yes, horrible I now. A few live in different states and the rest may as well because we don’t see each other either!

Motherhood is all consuming, but friends are also important. I hope to rekindle the love we have for each other, the laughter that I know will fill my cabin and make my tummy muscles work, and reminisce all the experiences we went through together. The good, bad, and ugly. I am sure I will come back with loads of stories and pictures to share. I am so excited I can’t stand it!! So hang on, I will be back in a few days!! Maybe I’ll try to iPhone blog or something. Ha ha.