After the awesome “Help Me Grow” event we had on Saturday, Jon wanted to go to the park and play ball with the kids!  We went to get some KFC while the kids called their friends. Jon and I always believe “The more the merrier” and loved having some extra team members.  

Let’s get aquainted with our team:

“Baloo”, the pitcher, coach, scariest chaser, and Pink Moss Sugar Daddy.

“Mackaroochie” the air head on base that kept trying to touch people with the ball instead of throwing it to the person that was on base.

“Noo Noo” The hard hitting, fast running fool!

“Sprite” the cutie with the mustache from earlier in the day!

“Bean” that would rather dig in the sand.

“Bug, and Shmonae” that made home runs together.

Bug’s poor face!  I had no idea I was putting her in such agony until I saw the picture!.

“Mama Llama” that taught us all a thing or two!

“Lizzard” the base stealer.

“Red Dog” the other mustache queen.

“Slugger” who had pants were falling off the wholegame!

“Debil (who’s real name is Angel)” who giggled the whole time.

and finally “Twinkle Toes *I can’t remember the nick name she told me!*

Now let’s speed it up and see everyone in action!

What a perfect day to spend in the park with friends!  It was a great way to teach team work  without it being obvious.  Sometimes as parents, you have to trick your kids into things they don’t want to do.  Shhhh, don’t tell!