I amspeechless.

I seriously can’t believe the response that I have gotten to the project I started only 2 days ago! Women from all over the blogosphere world have shown interest in helping me achieve my goal of strengthening my girls and every woman that comes to read the messages that will be shared when I get this new blog up.

The letters I have read so far have taken my breath away. I had no idea that they would be so emotional to read. Many women have made comments about enjoying writing the letter and were very moved as they did. I guess there is a magic that happens when we look back over the path we have traveled and know what things our younger self will face. I haven’t even attempted to start writing my own letter because I plan on it being pretty intense! I know that my daughters will read it as they get older and countless others looking for guidance. I believe that I can teach my kids until I am blue in the face but another personality might resonate differently to them. I am hoping that with the collected effort of many, we can all benefit and hear something we need to hear. We never stop learning and growing and quite frankly I have already learned new things from the women that have sent their letters to me.

What I wouldn’t give to be twelve again with the knowledge I have now. Then again, that means I would have to experience all the awkward feelings and emotions that come with being a girl at that age *YUCK*. I for one, wouldn’t be interested. Watching my girls is challenging enough…maybe worse! There is a very real torture about observing your kids stumble through life day to day. I feel so helpless sometimes. Maybe that is why we get so frantic as mothers sometimes, because WE KNOW what our kids are up against. We TRY to tell them what to watch out for but they care just as much as we did at that age. I might have thought I cared, but I obviously didn’t understand! I just have to keep reminding myself that he reason my children are on this earth is to have free agency and make their own decisions, just like I did. They are here to choose for themselves what paths they want to take. All we can do is teach and guide them, but ultimately they make the choice. Sometimes those paths lead to happiness, and sometimes not so much, but we learn from our mistakes and that is what makes up who we are. That’s why I am hoping that these letters will affect someone for good, maybe more than someone!

So get out your pen, pencil, laptop, and tissue because Iguaranteewriting this letter will make you laugh and or cry just like I have reading them! Thanks to ALL the beautiful women that have responded so far. *I couldn’t do this project without you.* I don’t know it all, I can’t give my girls everything, so I LOVE collecting experiences for many women. Women that have gone through things that I haven’t and are willing to share. If we all come together and bring what strengths we have, we will be unstoppable. We can fight against all the negative influences on women. Heaven knows I need the help!

Now on a completely different side note that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the same topic, I wanted to share the CRAZY video my Aunt Jan sent to me today. I can’t even imagine doing something like this, but I would love it!! Maybe I will set it up for my next birthday!

Hold on to your seats ladies and gentlemen and enjoy watching what I dream about during the night! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


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