Thoughts have been swooshing through my head as I try and figure out exactly how I want my project to work. I decided to have the paragraphs written in the form of a letter to yourself as a twelve year old girl. I want you to think about the advice you would have given yourself to find happiness and real beauty. Go ahead and warn yourselves of the possible pitfalls that may have helped you. I want these letters to be an uplifting, real, and I’m sure they will sometimes be funny or emotional. They will be as different as the women who write them, so don’t worry if you are doing it “wrong”. There isn’t a wrong!

So here are the directions:

1. Write a letter to yourself that you wish you could have read when you were 12 years old. Give yourself advice on how to feel happy and beautiful as you start going through the normal changes we all go through in adolescents, teenage years, marriage, mothering into grand mothering..or never having children of your own. Whatever the case may be.

2. Get a portrait picture of yourself OR with your kids/family/mother….whatever.

I may turn these all black and white, I am not sure yet.

3. Go to the tab on top of my blog labeled “Send me a Note” to send me your letter and picture. Include your email address so we can stay in touch with updates on the new website. Add a link to your blog for me to share so you get credit for being YOU.

4. Post the letter on your blog (if you have one), and link it back to my site. You can use my “Pink Moss” button on my right side bar or just link it to THIS asking other women to participate. I have a “In my daughter’s Eyes Project” picture on the right hand side of my blog that will also link people to the information.

I am so excited about the response already, I can hardly stand it! I was worried at first that nobody would be interested, but I can see now after not even a full 24 hours that this is something people need and want to read about. THANK YOU for helping me make women feel just a little bit better about themselves, one letter at a time!

P.S. If you have read anything about my husband on my blog, you know that he fully

plans on doing anything he puts his mind to.

I told him about this project this morning (with tears in my eyes because I feel so strongly about it!) and he got a huge smile and said that this would be a great book! Now this is obviously an idea that is for the future, but keep in mind that it is a possibility. I couldn’t use every one’s entries, but I could use a lot. The website will have no boundaries as far as entries and I think will be a great resource for girls, women, mothers, and grandmothers everywhere!