Can I vent for just I minute? I don’t like to vent, I don’t like to complaining..but the truth is THAT is what I feel like doing for 2 seconds to get some things off my chest.

It is Spring BREAK!! YEA, but by definition “Spring BREAK” gives one the assumption that you are having a break. I hate to say it, but no break here. I was so excited to visit our cabin by Jackson Hole Wyoming this week. There would have been swimming, movies, sleigh riding and more. Instead we have all been sick all week, and I’m not just talking about the kind where you have a headache. Without going into too much detail…sad stomachs are involved, and small children don’t always make it to the bathroom.

On top of that, my house flooded. Our fish tank had a malfunction and two rooms in my home have torn up carpet with fans blowing everywhere. Luckily we own a carpet cleaning company, so that shouldn’t cost us as much but it is NOT pretty. Insurance companies aren’t always fast and all of the furniture is pushed into different rooms and my kids are going stir crazy.

WHHHHoooooo, got that out. NOW I can move on.

We did get out yesterday with my darling sister in law Emmy and her kids Madisen and D.J. WE went swimming and to see a movie. I love being with them so much for many reasons…one being that Halle has someone her age to play with. They all squeeled with delight when the HUGE bucket of water dumped on the water play ground. They also loved the slides and playing with the older kids.

Since we all have cabin fever, I decided to take them to the park to play tennis today. They all feel better now that the week is almost over, but I on the other hand have been holding onto the same flu I have had for more than a week now. I am in open rebellion and plan to go anyway! The sun is finally out and I plan to be in it.

You should have heard the kids when I announced that tennis was on the agenda.

“MOM!! Can we get those cute little tennis outfits? Can we have the pink tennis balls?! I would rather have those things than a tennis racket! PLEEESSEEEE!”

(Me) “Um, NO….lets see if you like the sport first, and than we can see about the outfit.”


(I like the outfits too and understand where they are coming from!)

SO, I will bring my camera and try to capture our outing today. It should be interesting to say the least. None of us know what we are doing.

On a side note, I just signed up to run a half marathonin July! I am so scared excited! I haven’t traditionally loved running. My body just wasn’t made for running.  It wasn’t until I had a breast reduction that I could even stand it!  Wearing three sports bras at the same time just isn’t comfortable (go figure)!  In the past I have competed in triathlons JUST so I didn’t have to run the whole way! I would rather swim, bike, and run than JUST run! I am a bit concerned about my knees after messing them up on the mud run a few years ago but they seem to be healed. We will see how it goes!

Happy Spring!