My blog has developed over time like everything else in my life. I am starting to feel a rythum, a place to share my thoughts however insignificant or profound.   I know I am supposed to be doing this, sharing through my writing that is.  

About five years ago I had a strong feeling that I needed to start writing but I had no idea where to start.  I have recorded events on and off in a journal throughout my life but I felt like I had something to share with others.  I had nothing to write a book about or talent to do so. Even looking back on my first posts makes me cringe because it is obvious I was getting used to writing again after using all of my brain power talking to two year olds for thirteen years.

I still have a long way to go, but it is getting easier to express myself.

 It took me a while to realize what kind of tool a blog can be.

 It hasn’t been until the past few months that I have been really consistent.  Now it is a habit and if I don’t write everyday I feel like the day left undone.  So lucky *or unlucky* for you, 

 I’m hooked.  I don’t know how long spending an hour everyday blogging will stay a habit, 

but for now it is!

As I have been looking through my blog the past few weeks I have felt like something is missing.  I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what it was and it was driving me crazy! 

 As I was driving my kids to and from lessons last week and listening to the radio, it HIT me!  


“I am missing music!”

How on earth have I gone without music on my blog for so long? And then I remembered that I had read somewhere that many people don’t like having automatic music play when they visit a blog because they like to listen to their own music, or it is distracting.  I actually agreed as I started to visit other sites that had auto playing music, so I took mine off. 

Now I feel naked.

Music naked that is.

Music is a HUGE part of who I am.  Ask my kids, my hubby or neighbors, ask my mom!

I couldn’t survive without music.  I played the piano from the age of 5 until about 12 and the violin from 8 until 14.  I danced from kindergarten until graduation and still pretend I can do it all.  THOUSANDS of hours have been spent listening to music, not to mention all the hours of exercise music, music to relax, music to cope, and music to sing to.  Music is powerful and has an enourmous impact on everyone whether they want to admit it or not!  The beat, sound, lyrics, and feeling of the songs have the power to motivate or calm.

Now that I have ranted for 10 minutes on why music is so important to me, I need to add some music back on my site.  Don’t worry those of you that don’t like auto play, it will have a little play button you can push yourself if you want to.  Just know that it will make me happy having it there and I will love sharing whatever random music I feel like.  I love all kinds of music and your guess is as good as mine what kind I will feel like each day!