While Whitney was at “The Barn” at Thanksgiving point getting ready to perform, the rest of us played outside with the wild life. It never gets old riding horses or feeding the chickens!

My mom is a cowgirl through and through. I think some of her blood and love of horses has been passed down the line to her granddaughters. What do you think!?

Thanksgiving point has a great imaginations museum, a dinosaur museum, an old fashioned candy store and ice cream counter, a deli, flower gardens, classes, an IMAX movie theatre and MUCH more. It is a fun place to take the kids when it is snowy and cold outside.  I love watching their little brains suck up all of the information and come up with interesting questions!  Some of which I can’t answermyself until I read about it, so it makes me think too!

We brought along Whitney’s friend Angel and Brighton’s friend Madison. 

 The more the merrier!

And when all was said and done after that VERY long day, Whitney took

 first in 2 dances and second in one!

Fabulous Finds: Halle’s coat (Childrens Place Outlet in Park City)

Brighton’s outfit (Childrens Place Outlet in Park City)

Jon’s Calvin Klein coat (Burlington Coat Factory)