I had to start off this Easter with the same picture I posted a few years ago!

It is one of my absolute favorites because it makes me laugh every time.

Introducing our family as EGG HEADS!

There were surprises for all when we realized Easter morning blew in with a wintery storm!

One thing you can count on in Utah is never counting on the weather this time of year.

At least the Easter bunny didn’t hide the eggs outside this time!

We started celebrating Easter by coloring eggs late the night before.

The girls thought it would be hillarious to make egg heads of Sydney and her “friend” Scott

Umm, is Kinley trying to get some kissing practice in for when she turns 16 or what?!

To make Easter just little more interesting this year

I was sick

The fish tank flooded our house (I’m talking carpet and the basement ceiling being ripped out)

it was conference


Jon and I decided to go a little nuts and bring a few surprises home.

We gathered all of the kids around our barren front room with the torn up carpet , lack of furniture adorned with carpet drying fans, and plopped a few boxes down in front of them.

When Jon and I looked over and noticed some yellow liquid leaking out of the box,

we knew the secret was out *literally*

I tried to explain it away as a cracked egg, but the kids weren’t having it!



and THEO

They have already been snuggled (all the way through conference for 4 hours), fed, loved, carried,dropped, pet, drug, smoothered, and loved to death! Our little girls are very happy today, I’m not sure if the bunnies feel exactly the same.

If you are wondering what possesed me to buy rabbits for my kids,

to tell you the truth, I am too!

All of the kids have been jealous of Brighton’s turtle and I didn’t want to hear the words

“But YOU LOVE BRIGHTON MORE because she is the only one you

trust to have an animal!!”

I have heard this over and over and of course their reasoning makes sense to them, but it wasn’t for this reason. The REAL reason is because I didn’t want to be raising a farm right along with my 6 daughters! Isn’t THAT already a farm?! Isn’t that already enough stink to clean up after? We are talking a half dozen chicks ALREADY!

I guess not.

In the end it is more important to me that my kids can love and learn to take care of something. Practice being responsible, and if they die…IF THEY DIE,

which could easily happen in this house,

at least they are learning on a rabbit and not something more important some day!

Jon learned responsiblity at a young age taking care of his rabbits and I have watched Brighton do the same caring for her turtle.

And don’t worry, there were only 3 rabbits but we made sure Suki will be having babies. The kids have arranged her marriage with Floppy and giggle with pleasure everytime the couple snuggle in their cage. Brighton already had her turtle and Halle plays with all the bunnies but come summer time, they may have a few little balls of fuzz added to their little bunny family.

They will be kept outside with a heat lamp to ensure my sanity. I am sure they will love hopping around in our backyard, that is unless Phylis is there. She is a hunting dog by nature and I would hate to think what she would do if she gets a hold of them. Afterall, Phylis was here first and thinks she is human. I hope you all enjoyed your Easter as much as we did!



I will be leaving to the cabin for spring break with the kids all this week.

Jackson Hole here we come! I invited Camille and Jackson, Emmy with D.J. and Madisen, and Tiffany and CO. All of the men will be home working until the weekend, but I thought chillin’ at the cabin with movies, games, hiking, swimming, and lots of laughs sounded great!