Being the responsible type of mother I am, I whisked my children off to see a movie with me after school yesterday instead of doing homework. 

Jon and I love movies and have been so excited to see

 “How to Train Your Dragon” with the kiddos.  

Usually I buy the ticket online when it is an opening movie so I don’t have to stand in line, but when I went to yesterday it said the ticket was $11.00 for an adult and $8.25 for a kid!! WHAT!? 

 Over night the prices for a 3D movie went up all over the country. Movies were already expensive weren’t they? Add in the irresistible popcorn and a drink to wash it down and you are broke! Then go ahead and times that by a family of 8. What are the movie theaters thinking? Oh wait, I know…they are thinking that because people have been depressed the past few years with the economy being the way it is that more of us are going to the movie. And they are are right. 3-D is box office gold. Last year, 3-D movies raked in a whopping $1.5 billion. Ten percent of the total box office came from just 14 3-D films.  I for one, know that I added to that bottom line!

I pulled some tips off of CBS news to help with this issue. The problem is, I am not very planned (in the ahead sort of way) but maybe these tips can help you!

Join frequent moviegoer programs – Theaters like AMC and Regal have these programs which are free to sign-up. You can get points when you buy movie tickets and those points can add up for free concessions or movie tickets. They also often send you discounts and coupons to use.

Buy tickets in bulk – You can buy tickets in bulk, for example, 50 tickets may be bought at a reduced price. You can share these tickets with family and friends and everyone can cash-in on the savings.

Avoid buying online – The reservation sites and online retailers like often add a surcharge to your final ticket price. If you’re trying to save money, buy tickets the old-fashioned way by going up to the ticket window and paying the theater directly.

Seek out free movies – Contact your local theater because they often have free family movie nights or discounted nights. You may find great deals, especially when they need to drum up some business during the slow summer nights. Also, call your town because during the summer, they often offer free movies in the park or some areas do free or discounted drive-ins.

Think Ahead – The Entertainment Book often has great discounts and coupons. You may get a free soda or popcorn with the purchase of tickets. Also, go to online coupon sites like – they often have discounts for movie tickets and concessions. The smartest thing to do is eat beforehand. Don’t go to the movies starving because you can end up spending over $20 on food. Or pack your own snack and bring it with you.

At least I absolutely LOVED this movie!

The scenery sucked me in and I believed I was flying on

 the dragon with hiccup (yes, that is the boys name!)

It was pretty intense but my kids all sat through it and were fine. It was also SO stinkin’ funny. I was laughing out loud like a crazy person without care. Kinley wasn’t without care because she kept giggling and telling me to be quiet..but seriously people, funny. There are some good values taught in this story and you don’t find that very often.  I love it when a movie actually has a story line and great characters. Add in 3D, unbelievable artistry, and the ability to entertain the adults as well as the kids and you have a winner!  

I have issues with movies. I love the movie part, but I stink at budgeting for movies other part. My first experience was with Blockbuster, back in the day when you actually drove to the rental store to get a movie. I couldn’t ever return it on time. Blockbuster loved me…and my late fees.

Fast forward a few years, Jon and I started buying VHS movies..ha ha yep, I am old. They were HUGE and took up so much room. We wrote our names all over them, but one by one they slowly disappeared making their way into our friends and families homes.

Next attempt, I tried Net Flix. My sister in law Heather told me that I would save money because she saw how many DVDs Jon and I bought. I signed up and paid 15 dollars a month for unlimited movies. It’s a great idea really, you pick your movie and take as long as you want to watch it. *No late fees* When you return it (in the mailbox) you receive another.

GREAT CONCEPT, but leave it to me to watch the movie/loose the package to send it back in/long enough to get their DVD mixed in with my millions.

Yes, I still pay 15 dollars for the same 2 movies every month.

FINALLY red box! I love red box! Right down the street and OH-SO convenient. How does Janae do it? I rent 4 because they are SO cheap, watch half of 1 before I fall asleep and spend 25 days either forgetting to take them back or finding the 1 the kids took to a friends house. Could I return the other 3? Yes, but that would be wasting a trip SO I opt to pay $25.00 a movie when the month is up because at that point the movie is yours whether you want it or not.

Really the best way for me to own movies is to buy previously owned…

and THAT my friends is what we do.