1. I had four kids in my home by the age of 22.

I did not give birth to 4 kids by 22, but there were four kids in my home because I had one step daughter, on niece, and 2 daughters of my own! Crazy I know…

2. I jumped 32 feet off of a ski lift when I was 8 years old.

I actually can’t believe I haven’t written this story yet! I was snow skiing with my dad when I was 8. He was the principal of a high school and invited me to come with him for the day. I was SO excited to have one on one attention and to miss school.

My dad took me down the bunny hill several times until I felt comfortable. When I was ready we moved up to the next lift. It was a little faster and it made me a bit nervous just looking at it! When we got the the front of the line the operator pulled me around my dad to set me on the chair. I slipped off and was holding on by my hands! They told me to drop my poles, so I did. I pulled myself up and sat on the chair. I was so scared but I was OK. I remember turning around to watch my dad get on the lift about four chairs behind me. I am sure it took that long for the guy to pull his senses together and get my dad on the lift! The operator used his radio to call up to a ski instructor that was sitting on the chair in front of me. He asked him to help me off the lift safely.

The wind was blowing pretty hard that day..I can still hear it in my mind swirling through the branches of the enormous pine trees. The snow was dusting across my face and I was chilled to the bone. Not from the temperature, but more from total fear. I called to my dad with everything I had, “DAD, WHAT SHOULD I DO?!” Answering the prayers of my heart, he called back to me


I was HORRIFIED! JUMP!! I had always trusted my dad. Yes, he was known to tease me, but I knew I could count on him in a time of need. A time balancing life and death, BUT I had to double check on this one. “JUMP OFF BEFORE THE LITTLE HOUSE?!”

I was speechless when he belted out, “YES!!!”

I sucked in my breath…looked down below me at the miniature skiers zooming below and started to count. “READY, set….”

I PUSHED myself off of the chair toward the ground. It all happened SO fast. My ski’s flew off in the air. I hit the ground *on my feet I might add* and then to my knees, stomach and face before I knew it. The next thing I remember is seeing my blood on the snow. MY BLOOD. I was sick. Sick and in shock, I am sure! I heard someone call my name so I rolled my head up and saw a cute boy ask if I was O.K. (OK, wow…I was 8, I had just jumped from a ski lift and I STILL remember his sweet face!) It was Romeo. All I could muster was a “yes, I think so.” I laid my head back down and waited, for what I didn’t know.

I am pretty shocked my dad didn’t jump off the lift after me watching me fall in front of him. I can’t even imagine the torture of one of my daughters doing that! But wait! He deserved it! Every bit of torture…after all he had told me to do this. Unfortunately the first thing my dad said to me after he flew down the mountain after me was “WHAT did you do THAT for? ARE you O.K.?” I let him know it was his idea and he simply said, “Honey, I said ski off at the little house!”

Well, what more is there to say than that? It was 32 feet in the air *the lift operator told us*, I only fractured my leg AND I got to ride a toboggan down the hill. My dad and I have a running joke to this day that I will do ANYTHING he asks me to do, and it’s true, quite true!

3. I hate pears, oatmeal, and corn dogs.

I USED to hate pears, oatmeal, and corn dogs all growing up. I have taught myself to like all three.so THIS is my lie 🙂


Send me an email so we can work out the details!

4. I have competed in 3 triathlons, one of which I almost drown.


5. I love to dress up in camo in my spare time and hide from people.

Tis true 🙂 Like my mom said, I don’t have much spare time and I did do this in high school. I wish I could do it more often. I would run through the trees with my friends in full camo and painted faces for fun. We would dive into the bushes if anyone came near. We often returned with bruises and scratches but we loved it! I still wear my camo pants, but mostly

hide from my kids in my own house!

6. I walk barefoot in the snow all the time.

I hate to say it, but it is true! I have a huge carpet rug in my garage and it is really easy to get into my car without shoes. It hasn’t been a problem so far but if I get in an accident someday it could be! I also walk out to the mailbox or take the trash out in the snow without shoes or socks too often! My kids tell me I have no business telling them to put shoes on when I can’t do it myself.

7. I detest Llamas in the worst sort of way.


8. I have a circle birthmark on my left foot.

9. I used to make deer meat spaghetti for dinner almost every night.

Um, yep when we didn’t have any money and our friends gave us deer meat to live on.

10. I had my hair sucked up the jet in my tub once and almost had to cut all my hair off.

Yep, this happened. I was in my mom’s jet tub laying down. The air intake sucked my hair in and it coiled around a fan or something! I yelled for my mom and she had to come pull it out after the engine was turned off. Luckily the water wasn’t too high..or it could have been a better story! I could have ended up bald or something!

So there you have it! I AM crazy! If you guessed three, you get three extra entries for the Native Honey bag giveaway. Just go up to the tab and add it to your entries if you already have some and if not, than sign up!