Whitney’s school performance was a total blast!

Mrs. Shumway made up darling lyrics to old rock and roll songs. Some for example were:

Rock around the clock

I’m Forever blowing bubbles

Rock Hound (Hound Dog)

The following song was to the tune “Row Row Row your Boat!”

Sedimentary Rock has been formed in layers

Often found near water sites, with fossils from decayers

Then there Igneous Rock, here since earth was born

with Molton lava cooled and hardened, that’s how it is formed

These two types of rocks can also be transformed

With pressure, heat and chemicals, Metamorphic will be born!

I can’t even begin to imagine the time that went into planning this show! All of my kids teachers are very talented and take a personal interest in the kids and their education. Whitney has had the same teacher for two years and I know she will miss her terribly when she moves on next year! She has a darling accent and is so good with the children.

There is nothing better than a great school teacher! It makes ALL the difference in a child’s school experience and life. I have watched my whole family work in education my entire life and the amount of time that goes into their job is more than I could count. My mom for example spends a crazy amount of hours visiting each child in their home with the parents before the school year even starts. On top of that she pours ceramics at home for them to paint and teaches them yoga for fun. So many hours go unnoticed and are not monetarily compensated for.

I am so happy when I see letters of gratitude from the kids or their parents at the end of the year. They mean a lot and helps make all of the time and effort worth it.

Thank you to the parents that say thank you!

The boys rockin’ on their guitars!

They were called “The Rock Cycle”.

And the girls as the backup group called

“The Rockettes”

Brighton enjoyed the show, as you can see!

After the performance, I helped take Whitney’s class up to the Covey’s house to swim and have a party with food and friends. (Yes I am talking about Franklin Covey’s house).

It is a beautiful home by Rock Canyon where I love to hike. They have a beautiful yard overlooking the valley. Their Grand kids go to the same school as mine and were very sweet to let the whole class come and celebrate a job well done!

Whitney grabbed the camera on the way there and snapped a few pictures. I need to get them a cheaper camera because it stresses me out every time they pick mine up and treat it like a disposable camera! Luckily they haven’t ever hurt my

camera and the pictures are darling.