If I were Martha, I would make these:

Nesting Baby-Bluebird Cupcakes

And these:

Lollipop-Flower Cupcakes

And lots of These:

Butterfly Cupcakes

Some Tasty These:

Bug Cupcakes

And some crawly these:

Chrysanthemum Cupcakes

Oh, and I wouldn’t forget these:

Cupcake Pops

There’s only ONE problem.  I’m not Martha.

 So enjoy the links to Martha’s site because it would be a miracle if I actually figured out how to make *these* with my kids! 

I don’t hold anything against Martha, other than the fact that she makes the rest of the civilized mothers in the world look bad.  Not to mention, she takes the credit for a huge staff of people that create.  (Kind of like Oprah teaching parenting without having any offspring of her own). I’ll get over it… and so will my family.  That is, if they don’t know what they re missing.  

It reminds me of one time when I took my kids out to eat on the way to our cabin.  Brighton ordered a Corn Dog.  She complained and wouldn’t eat it because 

“It was golden brown and crispy”.

 TRANSLATION: It was actually made how it should be with a process that

didn’t involve a microwave.  

I have never wanted my kids to be set up for 

perfection you see, so I keep it real simple at home!

Epidurals and microwaves were meant to make our lives easier right?!

*Happy Easter*