Iwas tagged twice to play this little game on the same day! Once byRobin, and once byCaptain. I guess more than one person is interested in diving more into my crazy personality.

I can understand why after watching the video of me being hypnotised!

The rules are simple. Answer the following questions but, write them down.

Snap a pic and post it!

1. Name/ Blog Name

2. Right handed, left handed or both

3. Favorite letters to write

4. Least favorite letters to write

5. Write: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.


7. Favorite song lyrics

8. Tag people

9. Any special note or drawing

I tag:



Barbara Jo



After reading about handwriting the first thing I noticed about mine over all is that I change it up all the time. I always slant to the right and use pressure indicating energy and responding strongly to emotional situations. (Right slants are “caring, warm, outgoing – their heart rules their mind.) I slant in my cursive as well as my print.

I write with a level baseline. This indicates a healthy balance between optimism and pessimism.

I write with usually an average size, but sometimes I write bigger indicating the tendency to get side tracked and not focus on details. This *may* be one of my problems..haha.

I found it interesting that I focus my letters pretty evenly as far as interests. Upper is imagination, middle range is my day to day, and lower are physical drives. Lower loop letters ( y g p f) indicate desires in different areas. The “y” represents sex drive and money. The “g” (gregarious), socializing and sexual fantasy. The “p” (physical), a fat “p” loop points to someone who does not mind hard work. I found it interesting that my favorite letters to write use big loops at the top or bottom. I think I focus most of my time in the day to day but love it when I get to leave reality in my imagination or “physical“.

I have an average spacing between words that shows “feeling comfortable contact with others.”

(Those who write The “m,” “n,” and “r” with a round top are slower methodical thinkers. These people can retain just as much knowledge as quick thinkers, but they tend to “think things over” before making decisions. They are not as likely to “jump to conclusions,” and tend to be more creative. Someone with a “quick” mind will write these letters with sharp pointed tops. These writers are quick to comprehend and retain ideas. They are usually considered “smart.”) I am ALWAYS changing it up when it comes to rounded or pointed tops on letters. There is notconsistency meaning I switch how I look at things a lot. This is very true. I love looking at life from all angles.

(Fast writers can be spontaneous, impatient, ambitious, aggressive, negligent, quick thinkers, accident prone, etc. In a full evaluation of writing speed, many other traits must be examined to determine the correct meaning.) Sometimes I write slower and beautiful to be creative and enjoy how it looks, but most of the time I write fast because I am in a hurry and have a lot to do.

Overall I think this information was very on the spot. I have to laugh looking back through my written journal or letters because my writing changes all the time depending on my mood. I have always noticed this and thought there was something to it. Maybe more than I previously thought! Below are the links to the Handwriting site and another personality test that I love!

Handwriting Site

Kiersy Temperment Sorter

I took the the Kiersy test a while ago and thought it was very interesting.