Melinda and I were pampered this week.  I enjoyed the multiple times to the spa but always felt some guilt.  It is hard for me to totally relax because I feel like after they are done massaging me, it should be my turn to massage them!  

Jon made sure that Melinda and I had manicures, pedicures, facials, and massages. The girl working on my neck kept asking if I had been in an accident because all of my tension is in my neck.  I think it is just 13 year old knots that have never been worked out from carrying car seats and babies!  Jon also had a couples massage with me.  His legs hurt a lot, and I think we were in heaven.  We met some really great gals there at the spa that were working hard to send money home to their families.  I loved hearing their accents and getting to know them.  There were girls there from South Africa and Jamaica that we talked to the most.  Hearing the difference in the value of money in their contries was pretty interesting.  

On the last day of the cruise it was too windy to stop at Princess Kays, their private island.  We ended up shopping for jewelry.  Melinda and I need jewelry like a hole in the head, but we still managed to justify another purchase or two.  We both matching bracelets that were a reproduction of one Jackie Kennedy wore.  It is darling and makes me smile when I look at it.  We also bought a fake diamond ring for when we are traveling and don’t want our real one to get lost.  I love jewelry, especially the antique kind, but Melinda’s eyes light up like she just won a million dollars every time she puts a new piece on!

I love my Melindy..We had SO much fun together and I was re-reminded why she is one of my best friends.  We laughed together and loved just relaxing together. 

She is a friend that will last forever. 

 It’s nice having husbands that also like each other!  

That doesn’t happen all the time, and makes it so much easier.  Jon and Spencer are a lot alike. They both work really hard and love talking business.  Spencer’s dad started Sysco foods and Spencer is an investor of several things.  He is great at real estate among other things.  He buys several homes a day for investments and that keeps him pretty busy.

  That is why he moved to Arizona, for the great housing market.  

Somehow I will get them to move back!  I haven’t figured out how yet.

This ring we are wearing is comical to me, but Melinda’s real ring isn’t too much smaller!