My sweet sister camille watched my kids last week while I was on the cruise.  she posted this on her blog today and I had to record it!  my kids had so much fun with her family and it cracks me up to hear an “outsiders” take on my home!

DAY, MARCH 22, 2010

A week of Pink Moss

I just finished watching my sister’s daughters while she was on a cruise (as you already know had you read previous blog posts.) Here is a sample of our week. The little ones LOVED taking baths together…

Getting a little snuggle time in afterward…….

I bought the kids some St. Patrick’s Day cookies and had the little ones give me a smile while eating them.

Halle insisted on making a goofy face picture. She was wearing a shirt, but it was getting demolished in the eating…so I took it off.

Jackson liked it too.

All week the girls had been working on books that they would display at their school’s young author fair. It was fun to read the stories that their little minds came up with.

Ella and her teacher that she loves


These two had so much fun playing together. It was not sweet all of the time, Halle would push Jackson and Jackson would pull Halle’s hair…

but after it all they still love each other!

On Friday night Paul told me a great idea of something that he wanted to do with the girls and made me promise to support him. He wouldn’t tell me what it was until he came home. He had made a bracket for each of the girl’s to fill out so that we could have a competition “with a prize.” Ella actually ended up winning with her bracket and asked when we were going to give them to the players. She thought that we had filled it out to give to them! 😉

I had to laugh because I told Paul to give me his most sinister smile in accomplishing his goal of being able to watch March Madness and watch the girls. I think it is one of the most natural looking smiles I have ever captured of him in a photo!

They still had fun!

I took a picture of myself, to document that I was there.

Jackson loves wearing glasses and found these 3D glasses in the car. He had so much fun with his cousins! Although by the time 7 pm rolled around he had about had it! He isn’t used to all of the attention….as his Mother I am thinking he may have to get used to girl’s attention, I think he will be getting a lot of it with those brown eyes of his!

I wanted to make a short list of funny things that you can count on at the Moss house that make it quite unique…

1. You can count on being able to find tampons in all four bathrooms.

2. You never find the toilet seat left up.

3. “strangers” frequent the house quite often whether it is the gardner, the cleaning lady, a friend, the fish guy, or random neighbor. You may think you are alone in the house, but come to find that you are not!

4. You are always welcome

5. Paul wanted to add that you find long pieces of blond hair covering you all of the time. He said guys at his work made fun of him for this.

6. Clothes are optional. Shoes and underwear are almost impossible to find.

7. All the girls in the house are ready to strike a pose for a camera shot at any given moment.

7. Food goes quickly, especially CANDY!

8. Sweet prayers are given every night.

9. Laughter fills the halls.

10. There is a lot of love to go around.

Paul and I had a great time watching the Moss girls. I appreciate the time that I was able to spend with them and play. It is so interesting to learn more about all of their very DIFFERENT personalities; it makes me wonder what my life will be like as a parent to more than one. I was happy to hear Kinley tell me that I am the very best person that ever watches them and she sincerely thanked me even after I yelled “ZACK I LOVE YOU!” in the theater when we realized her boyfriend was there! She just laughed right along with me, that is awesome!

It is always good practice, it makes me so thankful to be where I am now, but it also makes me very excited about our future.