The Crown Princess


Once again, this will be quick because I am being billed by the minute!

I know my girlies are reading this post, and I dedicate it to you. I promised I would write you notes so you can be updated on the crazy things daddy and I do this week! Dad is sitting next to me and wants to say:

I loves you very much and I miss you! I can’t wait to see you! Are you saying your prayers and having family prayer? Don’t forget to while we are gone. Be nice to each other and feed the dog and fish so they don’t die. We bought you a few treats today….shhh, don’t tell!

This is the only time my blog will be full of pictures of dad and I! Usually they are all of you girls and the places we go, but this time…you will probably get sick of seeing me. Dad kept grabbing the camera and taking pictures of “yours truly”. Be glad I didn’t post all of them!

When it was time to get off the cruise today, they put us on a smaller boat to take us to shore. When we got there we all hopped onto a little bus to go on our tour. Spencer jumped into the front, and his legs would hardly fit! He can’t stand up straight in the shower or walking down the hall! The funniest comment I have heard so far was an old lady that saw Spence trying to walk and said, “MAN, it must be AWFUL to be THAT tall! (talking to her husband) Hey, you could use a few of those inches!” We all started laughing and we heard her husband say to her as we walked away, “Hey, don’t make me feel bad!” They actually got annoyed at each other!

Dad and I had to pull a few faces of our own!

AND paint a few toe and finger nails. You should have seen the terrible job I did!

It was really hard to stay steady when an old man is driving a bus on the left side of the road (that’s what they do here) and going over major bumpy roads!

I couldn’t believe the COLORS that were everywhere!

It was breathtaking!

After we got off the little bus, we loaded onto a shuttle boat to drive out to where the sting rays lived. We were so excited to feed them and actually be in the water swimming with them. Do you remember that baby sting ray we had in our fish tank? They were just like that but a ton bigger! They ate just the same with their mouths being on the bottom. Dad was in heaven!

I had to capture the happy couple on the front of the boat.

Maybe you girls should call the Lindahl kids to say hi and keep them company because we stole their parents too!

This was our tour guide. He was very nice, and so were the other guys on the boat.

They were so nice in fact, they made sure we didn’t have to carry all of our cash back in our wallets… it may have been too heavy otherwise.

Don’t worry my children…daddy didn’t actually go to Hell.

That is the name of one of the towns here!

Dad’s getting me to pose!

Good thing I am a poser…

As we pulled up to the sting ray sand bar, I could NOT believe what I was seeing!

There were people everywhere feeding and swimming with them! They were massive and swooshing between every one’s legs! It was kind of freaky at first because I thought “If you had to feed them so they didn’t bug you, they can’t all be full!” Luckily I was wrong and they were all peaceful. They looked like Angels of the sea gliding along

in the crystal aqua blue water

No words can express the beauty my eyes beheld today…this picture will have to try and speak for me because well, it was UNREAL. Absolutely the most beautiful thing

I have EVER seen.

We also had the chance to go snorkeling in a different spot. Dad bought an underwater camera to take pictures of all the fish and coral but we haven’t

developed it yet, so we will show you when we get home.



STOP, and actually was sad when he found out I didn’t post them all. Believe me, some were pictures only dad would take and you wouldn’t want to see them anyway!

The only way I can think to explain how these sting rays felt was like a wet portabelo mushroom..It was kind of slimy, soft, and irresistable to touch. I didn’t want to ever leave them. They have a calmness to them like dolphins do. Such a peaceful, beautiful animal. I wished I could hear what they were thinking.

I was laughing so hard in this picture because

“RAY” blew out on my arm and made me scream!

Dad had to give one a kiss..too bad he is never kissing me AGAIN!

Are you jealous you aren’t here yet? I know Whitney is!!

Don’t worry, I found our future summer home! Are you excited to see it? OK, here it goes…

It looks pretty perfect right? I thought so.

Dad and I love you SO much! Be nice to each other and enjoy the break from us. Be extra nice to your Aunt Camille because someday we will be babysitting five of her little kids! I will try and update the blog again if I get a chance. It is so awesome to be able to keep you up to date. My parents used to sent a post card that didn’t get to us until after they were home from their trip!








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