It’s a blustery day at sea, so I just hopped online to check out my email and was surprised to see this little gem! Did I ever mention that my cousin (Mandy Oliver Karpowitz) AND business partner AND best friend is ALSO a professional photographer? 

 Well, maybe it’s the perfect time to introduce her work and talent! Check out her link above in red.  She takes impossibly artistic and beautiful photographs.  She has taken pictures for magazines, weddings, family portraits and more.  She is just starting to get her name out there, so If you live in the Southern California area and want some great photos at a great price, click on the link above. I also have a link to my store at the top of my blog titled 

“Native Honey” that will take you there if you want to see where our bags are sold.

And now, without further delay….

The new online look book for Native Honey!