Yesterday was another day that I want to always remember!

It was non-stop action packed fun! We stopped at Rotan Honduras. It was sad to see the people living in hard situations, but so refreshing to experience beautiful humble people.

More fantastic candy for my eyes around every corner.

The colors are so vivid and bright!

The first thing we saw when we stepped onto the island was the zip line! There was NO WAY we were passing this opportunity up. We sailed over the tree tops clear above the ground passing swamps, iguanas, woven vines and monkeys. It reminded me of the old movie that I used to watch over and over as a kid “Swiss Family Robinson”. I guess it was also a combination of “Tarzan” also! It lasted about an hour and a half because we all piled into the back of a pick up truck (not exactly U.S. approved safety measures) and four wheeled up the mountain until we were high above the beach level. We were harnessed up into climbing gear that lookedso hotover my swimsuit and cover up ..haha NOT! I looked like I had a diaper on but that was the least of my worries by that point. There were tree stands up in the trees and we would hook up, ZIIIIPPPP down a while,

unhook and reattach at the next tree stand for the next zip. We all loved it!

I couldn’t help myself, I had to hoot and hollow all the way down. I felt so free and ALIVE!

Jon and Spence were relaxed and sailed through the trees with ease.

I was so proud of Melinda for going crazy with me and enjoying the whole thing. She was ready and excited with me. She has been such a fun friend that will try anything on the trip.

She also squealed a few times in delight as she flew through the trees.

After we were finished with the Zip line, we decided we wanted to tour the island a little. We hired ascarygreat taxi driver to take us around the island. He was very nice…but the driving in New York looked calm compared to his and his fellow islanders! I was quickly very relieved that we did rent scooters to put around the island like we had contemplated. We saw some people that chose that route and I don’t know how they weren’t hit! Our seat belts in the taxi were cut out so more people could fit inside. Jon mentioned that he understood why I wanted our will updated before we left! They had tiny roads between buildings that we FLEW down. This may not have been SO bad other than the fact there were tiny children and adults of all ages walked across the road and up and down the sides. It was obvious they were used to such craziness because nobody blinked an eye. Jon was holding his arm around me like he would have a chance to brace me if we crashed and believe me, we came close more than once.

We decided to have our taxi driver Francisco take us to the iguana farm because we had seen them all over the islands and wanted to get a closer look! Aren’t they pretty!? The colors in there scales were so pretty and they felt like they had dinosaur skin. Not that I’ve ever felt a Tyrannosaurus Rex, but in my mind I have.

I LOVED Melinda’s reaction and thought she looked like

she should be in a magazine holding my man, Mr. Guanie!

Seriously, just look at the family hanging out on the rock! It reminded me of Sunday dinner at our house watching the girls pass the food around when they are really hungry!

They were EVERYWHERE, I’m talking on the roofs above us and crawling all over the ground on top of each other.

Brighton, dad wanted to take this picture of the water turtle for you!

Mr. Monkey was playing hide and seek with us as we tried to take a picture.

Whitney and Halle, this monkey reminded us of you and how you flip off couches

and climb everything you see!

After we left the Iguana farm, Fransisco took us by the Prime Ministers home. It was one a very few nice homes on Honduras. It is much more common to see this…

This home was actually nice compared to most. I felt bad taking pictures of many of them because I didn’t want to offend anyone. Most homes were made of pieces of metal, mud, cardboard, random wood pieces, and leaves.

But in return, they get a layed back life style with so much beauty I am speechless. Everyone was VERY happy and content with the blessing they have been given. Fransisco told us he would never want to live in the US because we live such fast paced lives and rush rush, never slowing down to enjoy our families. There is much truth to his statement. This lesson is the best souvenier I will take home with me….

This sweet little girl named Pearl, with her friends and family were so excited to see some tourists to hopefully buy the jewelry she made. YES Moss girls, I bought you something 🙂

They mentioned they wish more people came like us…I am sure because the economy in the US has also affected income into their island and limiting money for them as well.

They were so appreciative and sweet.

After whirling around the island we became very hungry. Francisco took us to “Bearnies”, the best place to eat. We were starving and even open to trying new things to eat. The first was this D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. drink that was PURE fruit. I tried pineapple and pear…it was the best drink I have EVER tasted…no exageration what so ever!

Remember Mr. Guanie? Next, we tried him for lunch!

He wasn’t so bad himself. He tasted like chicken (of course) but was a bit more chewy and had too many bones to work around for my taste. I know, gross. We eat cow, chicken, fish, and many more animals but it was wierd holding my first iguana

that day and then eating him for lunch.

When we got back on the ship we were SO hot and muggy from the days adventures that we got into the pool and then realized we were stepping into a volleyball game on accident.

Lets just say, Mellinda and I took SILVER!! YEAA (There were only 2 teams). Treading water and spiking the ball against a bunch of guys proved to be tough for both of us!

Later that day we came home, showered and went to dinner. Right off the bat, Spencer spilled his water all over Melinda’s lap. I LOVED Spencer’s face when he knew he was in trouble…hahah it makes me laugh even now. His eyes and mouth was big with a slight grin. It was an accidents, but brought us more laughter,something we haven’t been short on this trip!

Ice in Melinda’s salad, and my “veggie burger” pictured below…WHAT?!

They eggs jiggled as the boat rocked back and forth! RAW…um no. I tried with all my might not to bust out laughing when he set it on my plate. It was supposed to have sweet potato fries, and well you see I wasn’t picturing what they brought.

After we went to a show on the ship. It was an interesting…show, but so much fun!

OH, and before I go I had to show this picture of my de-eyelashed eye. I know, you can’t see it but when I was getting ready this morning I curled my eyelash right as the boat rocked and I ripped out at least 20 eyelashes!! It KILLED and is very obvious. To me anyway!