So, I’ve been doing a little bit of shopping!

I had to get ready for my cruise because I don’t have any clothes for warm weather. You may be rolling your eyes (especially if you are Jon), but I don’t. Don’t take me wrong, I have plenty of jeans, boots, jackets, sweaters, skirts, and sweatshirts…but I have always been hot summer clothes challenged. I have the hardest time finding basic shorts and t-shirts.

Actually, I’ve decided to write a little poem about it (random, I know) but here it goes…

There once was a girl named J-Locks

who was invited on a cruise and “just had” to shop.

She set off to the department store.

When she arrived, nobody was there any more.

Not a sales lady to ask if she’d like to apply for a card,

or someone to hang all the clothes on a bar.

But J-Locks had a little problemo.

She couldn’t find clothes that fit her, (or dinero).

Because of this, she wore jeans in the SUMMER sun!

Well, that wouldn’t do, it just wasn’t fun.

She decided to try on a few outfits hanging around,

a shirt that was tooooo little, “They must think I weigh a pound!”

“This must be baby bears shirt.” she thought to herself.

She tried another and it wasn’t good for her health!

It looked as if she was wearing Pa Pa bears shirt,

There wasn’t shape, and hung to the dirt.

Finally after searching high and low

J-Locks found a shirt and could GO!


WOW, that started out bad and just got worse but I don’t have the time or energy to fix it up all nice and perty. WELL, enough of THAT! You get the point…not only do you get the point, you are thinking “Janae is CRAZY.” And my friend, you would be right. In fact it’s one of those nights I shouldn’t be allowed to type out every thought I am having.

If you can make it through this post, you must really be bored..

SO, for your viewing pleasure I am going to post some pictures of a few things

I bought for my trip.

First, I needed a few swimsuits..

So I checked the always outstanding Anthropologie…and I picked up this little ditty.

It was a bonus when it arrived today, and actually fit!

Then, I headed over to Newport News and grabbed this..

yes, the swimsuit, and hat. I will pretty much look like this chick…minus the tan and size 0 body.

I can always count on Victoria’s Secret to have some fun stuff, but unfortunately everything I ordered arrived too big. I can still wear it, it just doesn’t fit like it should…but because I waited until last second (surprise surprise) I don’t have time to exchange. None the less I am excited

to wear these bottoms but in different colors.

Just don’t plan

on me posing like this

in my pictures!

And last but not least, forever 21 has great prices for basic additions to the wardrobe.

Great for shirts…yes I found a few! I just couldn’t see any on their web site.

I can hardly wait :)) Jon and I will be flying out on Friday to Florida and embarking on our journey.If you didn’t see before, here is the itinerary.

But before this party can actually get started, I have to:

Clean the house…again

Make sure all of the laundry is done…again

Help all of the kids finish their “Young Authors Fair” book they are EACH writing

Type out the schedule for dance, yw’s, soccer, performances, and homework

Figure out who will drive to all of the places listed above

Find a substitute for my primary class

Go grocery shopping *oh, dog food I almost forgot*

Buy supplies for Adrian, my Native Honey seamstress

Take more bags to a store (at least they’re selling)

Finish my part of taxes

Pay Bills

Pack…*I need my passport* that could be bad if I forgot that…

Hmmm, my list could go on for a while longer but I won’t bore you. Basically, I’m not ready but when I get on that ship….when I get to sit on the plane before I even get to the ship, I will be very ready to put my earphones in for several hours and just veg. I would even be happy flying to Florida and back without ever getting off the plane if that meant I could eat peanuts and listen to my music uninterrupted. The cruise is just a huge bonus.

Don’t worry, I will bring you all back something. Maybe a picture or two of me sitting on the beach drinking a *virgin* Pina Colada…am I gloating? Maybe a little, I just feel like a bird being let out my cage for a week! I know when I get back home I will be SO excited to see my kiddos and pinch their cute little faces and I will be ready to give even more.

Hopefully this will last until next year on my anniversary when I can escape with Jon again. If not, I will live. There have been MANY years we haven’t done anything but give each other a hug before we fall asleep and say our I love yous, but this year…

THIS YEAR we will party like it’s 1999!