Do you ever feel like you are going to loose it? Like you want to run out of the house screaming?I may be out on a limb here admitting my weaknesses here but I dare bet that there are other mothers that feel the same way sometimes. If you aren’t one of them, then just plug your ears for this post.

I LOVE my kids, but if I could count the number of times I hear the word MOM well, I would be a mathematical genius and I know if there is anything I AM, it isn’t that! What I do know is that I have heard the word a lot and sometimes it gets on my nerves, especially when all the kids are saying it at the same time.The way I deal with it is to not say anything..! Some people yell, I get quiet. Then to “help out”, my kids start yelling at each other for me, which isn’t much help at all believe it or NOT.

I had to share this hilarious video that made me feel just a little bit better.

Everyday I watch all my girls:
















build up

run from


support each other

I remember the the exact day that I questioned my parents advice. It was after yet another fight between my brother Dave and I. He drove me crazy as I am sure I did him. I went and told my dad that I couldn’t stand being around him because we always fought.

He asked if he could tell me a secret, so I said yes.

He leaned over like he had something very insightful to say, some wisdom he was about to pass on.

I was ready to take it all in and implement whatever knowledge he would lend.

Then he said it:

“Someday, you and Dave will be best friends.

You will love him and want to be with him more than anyone else in the world

You will laugh together and none of this will matter.”

That’s when I knew it. It felt the same as the other times I had figured things in my life. Like the tooth fairy, or when I sat in maturation class in fifth grade. A light went on and
I felt somehow smarter, older, and wiser.


I wouldn’t be able to rely on he counsel as I had once thought.

I felt desperate, alone and let down.

I know that there are some of my children (that I am not naming) that feel the same wayabout me right now, when I explain the same thing my dad did to me so many years ago. They look at me like they feel bad for me becuase I am SO OLD and I still haven’t figured it out.

Unfortunately they will have GET IT about the same time I did,

when I was ready to start raising my own family.

And the cycle continues.