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More kids!?

Dont worry, it’s not what you’re thinking. I’m not pregnant, again, and I’m not fostering or adopting anyone. But Jordan and Halle DID choose a “brother and sister” last night.

We were minding our own business during the Toby Mac concert by eating (lots of food in our Jazz suite), dancing and laughing. There were several opening acts before Toby came out, and they were all good. One of the people started talking about how if there were 100 people in the world, everyone there in the Vivint arena would represent the first person standing in the line — as far as physical blessings were concerned. I totally agreed with his logic, and that because of this, we all have a responsibility to do what we can to help out the people “in the back of the line”.

He talked about a program where you can sponsor a child in another part of the world, and he showed pictures with his own sponsored “son”. Then he offered to the crowd of thousands of people to pick their own child to sponsor and asked who was interested. Scattered through the area were people raising their hands and volunteers were bringing them profiles of children to look at.

I started raising my hand, and then jumping up and down, because people don’t pay attention to the weirdos in the box, or maybe they can’t see us, I don’t know. Either way, nobody was listening to me. I turned back to look at Jon and he smiled because he knew I was on a mission! He gave me some cash because I didn’t have any, and I grabbed Jordan and Halle’s hand and left the suite to find a child to sponsor.

“Mom, I can’t wait to pick out a little sister! Mom, can I sponsor a little sister?” Halle asked me as we made our way down do the main floor. “A SISTER!?” Jordan yelled! “I already have enough sisters! Six is enough!”

So I did what any (in)sane person would do; I let them each sponsor a child! It was really cool because as we were picking who we’d slonsor, the artist/speaker (I don’t know his name) came out and took a picture with us!


Halle found Merlyn first and she was sure about her choice. She wanted a younger sister that “loved to draw”. There were several of those, but she connected with her. She’s from Guatemala and has such a sweet look about her. Halle is excited to be her pen pal and send her clothes. She said, “I just had a feeling about her that she was right.” She’s upstairs right now packing up her build-a-bear to ship overseas! I don’t think Merlyn as any idea what’s about to hit her!

Jordan, on the other hand, was a lot more particular. He made us visit four different tables with many options on each one, until he found Waner. He also wanted a little brother who liked to draw and one he could possibly meet someday. Waner lives in the Dominican Republic and we have friends that live there, so we thought maybe it would be an option. He also wanted him to be younger that him, and he recently turned 5 on January 31st. Jordan said “He looks like a good younger brother and he likes drawing so we can send each other pictures.”

So, true to “Moss style” Jon and I brought 14 kids to the concert and we left with 16! If you want to sponsor a child, too, you can contact this company:


It is overwhelming to think how many kids need help and that a child starves to death every three seconds, somewhere in the world. But we can each do something. I’ll be paying $38.00 a month, each, to Merlyn and Waner. It will be well worth the experience our family will have of learning from them and sharing our blessings with them.

And so in celebration, we danced the rest of the night away!


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S’more Smoke


As I share this picture of Halle by the fire tonight, I realized that I’d be willing to bet money that there weren’t many other moms building a bon fire in their backyard on a school night. Practical moms are giving their kids baths, and I just tucked my kids in bed smelling like s’more smoke.
We all parent differently, and that is what makes families beautiful. Our parents make us crazy as kids, and then we spend the rest of our lives trying to figure out if what they did was great or a total disaster. And then, when we get the chance to do it better, we execute an equally, perfectly-imperfect job. And this is exactly how it should be. I have more respect and love for my own parents, every year.


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Create Harmony


Dear Halle,

I want to tell you to slow down. I want to beg you to stop growing and stay my baby girl, forever. I want to be the only one to hold you when you’re sad and be the first one you run to for kisses when you’re hurt. I want to snuggle in bed and read with you until I’m too old to do it anymore. I don’t want to stop playing barbies with you or coloring at night to pass the time. And I never want to stop laughing at your silly jokes or ooooo and ahhh over your latest work of art.

It may seem at times that I’m too busy to fully appreciate these things, and that could be true. I’m chasing many children and trying to remember schedules. My mind is full of good things, and I’m sure this can feel like I don’t always notice you. This couldn’t be further than the truth – as everything I do, is because of you. I set goals to show you that women can continue to grow and share their voice, even when they have children of their own. I take the time to go out with your Dad, because we are fighting to thrive, as a team, in a world that tears relationships apart. Sometimes I talk to the older kids more than you, because they are experiencing a time in their lives that is so intense and scary.

I wish I had all the answers and I could balance everything perfectly, but I’ve learned that life is about creating harmony. Everyday will sound different and we will do our best to make it harmonize the way it should – but sometimes it will sound a little off-key. These are the sharps and flats in our lives, that build our character and transform a simple tune into a wonderful masterpiece, a beautiful combination of notes that will be our family song.

Halle, my beautiful little dancer, I love you. I know that you’ll have to grow up and experience this crazy world. I understand that your smile and light in your eyes won’t always be just for your Daddy and I. I’m so excited for the life you’ll live and the babies you’ll get to bring into your own little family. They will be perfect, just like you. You’ll listen to their stories and you’ll pray with them at night. And sometimes you’ll feel like you’re not enough and like you can’t balance it all perfectly either – and that’s okay. That means you care and it means you are trying to figure it all out and create your own song and dance.

Remember you’re enough. You are perfect just the way you are now – and you’ll be perfect as a Mother. Parents are only older kids who are trying to figure it out for the first time. Never lose your beautiful smile, contagious laugh and bright blue eyes. These are the windows to your soul – and when you share them with others, you’re giving them the most valuable gift on this earth.

I love you, my little dancing queen.

You’re my light and my life.



BIIB-16photo credit: Lizzy Jean Photography

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